Twitter will reveal his data to Musk: he will know how many fake accounts there are

Twitter will reveal his data to Musk: he will know how many fake accounts there are

MILAN – Twitter will open the doors of its data to Elon Musk, the Tesla entrepreneur who launched a $ 44 billion bid to take over the social network. Operation anything but linear, however: for days the richest man in the world has been in charge because he wants to know how many fake accounts are on the social network.

The “bank of Apple” and the future of Twitter

by Francesco Guerrera

A few days ago, Musk even went so far as to threaten to withdraw his offer if his request for a full recon on the real number of Twitter users is not met. And after weeks of stalling, says the Washington Post, the hour of truth may have arrived: according to a source aware of the company’s intentions, Musk could soon get his hands on the flow of data concerning over half a billion messages posted daily. A continuous flow which a handful of companies now access for a fee.

The saga that is keeping the attention of Wall Street and the whole world high, between pro and against Musk factions is therefore updated. Twitter’s board of directors has announced that it will give the bidder full access to data to assess the number of fake accounts on the platform, which should be less than 5%. Access to information, says the US newspaper, could be given as early as this week.

The arm wrestling, as mentioned, has been going on for days. Musk has put on the plate a turnaround of the offer – moreover with heavy repercussions on the stock market – accusing the company of “resisting” and trying to “block” its right to be informed correctly. This would be “a clear material breach” of the terms of the agreement for his purchase of the company. On the other hand, Musk has a commitment to go through with the offer unless he can prove that he has been misled in his assessment, or that a major cause event could suddenly turn the tables. The doubt of some is that from that pit Musk cannot find indications that the companies have not found so far, but rather he is looking for a way to get a discount.

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