• May 28, 2023

Tonight on Rai 1 “I come back and change my life”, romantic comedy with Raoul Bova – iO Donna

TOh, if you could go back! An exclamation that anyone, at least once, has uttered. Unlike in real life, in movie however, everything is possible. As it happens in I go back and change my lifecomedy by Carlo Vanzina 2015 – tonight at 21.25 on Rai 1 – with Raoul Bova And Ricky Memphis.

I go back and change my lifeplot and cast

Marco Damiani (Bova) is a realized man. He is 42, a good job and a solid union. Or so he thinks. The family picture is destroyed when his wife Giulia (Giulia Michelini) leaves him after twenty-five years spent together. Destroyed by the news, he leaves home and begins to question himself.

Find solace in Claudio Palmerini (Ricky Memphis)a longtime friend, also struggling with a period that is anything but easy. The mother Giuditta, played by Paola Minaccioni, is an alcoholic and is, therefore, a source of concern. One evening, during a walk, Marco – still angry and disappointed by his wife’s betrayal – confides to Claudio that if he went back he would do everything differently, starting with Giuliawho would not marry.

Right in that instant, they are hit by a car and when they wake up they find themselves catapulted into the past. These are the years of school, games with friends, quarrels with parents and first loves. After the initial disorientationthey adapt to the new context and try to turn the facts in your favor.

Marco and Giulia rewrite the past

1990 is also the year in which Marco meets Giulia and, to avoid being left in the future, he decides that they will not get together. The sensations of twenty-five years earlier, however, recur and the boy is unable to stay away from them. On the other hand, Giulia is also very interested and does everything to get his attention. Afraid of what will happen in the future, this time it is Marco who leaves hercausing deep suffering in the girl.

When, some time later, she finds out that she is dating someone else, he runs up to her to tell her his feelings, but it may be too late. Meanwhile, Claudio too try to take advantage of the journey into the pastplaying a winning ticket, which will enrich him.

A second incident brings them back to the present, but their lives are different now. Claudio became rich thanks to the winnings, Marco married another woman, from whom he separated. At a party they casually meet Giulia, who is married to another, but the exchange of glances still hides a feeling that has not entirely disappeared. Will they be able to change the course of events or is destiny already sealed and impossible to change? “What we wanted happened», Claudio points out to him, but will it really be like this?

I go back and change my life film Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova in the film “I go back and change my life”. (Ipa)

In the cast also Max Tortora and Paola Minaccioni

I go back and change my life see in the cast also Max Tortorain the role of Aldo Damiani, Marco’s father, and Michela Andreozzi in those of the mother Patrizia. Stefano Masciarelli is Leopoldo, Giulia’s fatheras well as a friend of Aldo. Fiorenza Tessari, on the other hand, is Francathe mother, while Erika Di Rienzo is the younger sister Titti.

Yet, Emanuele Propizio is Marco’s brother, GilbertoAnd Augusto Fornari plays Lando Santini, Giuditta’s companion. They also appear in the fil Ludovica Bizzaglia in the role of Betta e Alice Bellagamba in those of Daniela.

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Taken from the French film Bis – Back to the past with Franck Dubosc, it is one of the latest films directed by Carlo Vanzina, who passed away in 2018 following a serious illness. In 2016 it was the turn of Miami Beach And There is no stealing from the house of thievesfollowed the following year by Treasure hunt. The film is also available on Netflix.


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