• June 8, 2023

Tonight don’t miss “The Hour, ink against lead” with Claudio Santamaria at its best – iO Donna

S.keyboard on Channel 5 (at 21.20) begins Now, ink against lead. And it’s not so much to say but: don’t miss this new fiction. Claudio Santamaria gives us another award-winning interpretation with the portrait of Antonio Nicastro, director of the Palermo newspaper Time, than over the years ’50 -’60 wrote the word mafia on its pages when no one wanted to pronounce it. It was the first newspaper to do so.

The series, inspired by the book Our Lady of Necessity by Giuseppe Sottile, follows the courage of an editorial team headed by Nicastro is formed from few and courageous journalists (including a woman) who had the audacity to expose themselves in the name of truth and against the hostility of an overwhelming power. Time represented a milestone in the recent history of our country.

the hour ink against lead tv series channel 5 claudio santamaria

Silvia D’Amico, in the role of Nicastro’s wife, and Claudio Santamaria. (Mediaset)

Now, ink against lead: the first evening

An explosion devastates the editorial staff of the newspaper Time of Palermo. A few months earlier: the newspaper is not sailing in good waters, the accounts are in the red and the publisher calls the new director from Rome Antonio Nicastro (Claudio Santamaria), just to settle the financial question. But Nicastro has another goal, to revolutionize the newspaper and put on the page news and stories that can engage the reader. Enough with the tissues on the secretaries of the PCI and at party meetings in the editorial office.

Part of the journalists linked to politics do not support the new line. There are still those who believe in the project of a real newspaper: the editor-in-chief and poet Giulio Rampulla (Francesco Colella), the trusted and former partisan Marcello Grisanti (Maurizio Lombardi), the crime reporter Except Licata (Bruno Di Chiara), the determined one Enza Cusumano (Daniela Marra), the photographer just sixteen Nic Ruscica (Giampiero De Concilio) and the aspiring journalist from Corleone Domenico Sciamma (Giovanni Alfieri).

the hour ink against lead tv series channel 5 claudio santamaria

Claudio Santamaria. (Mediaset)

The first investigation against the mafia

It is the young man himself Sciamma to bring the first bombshell: the disappearance of a trade unionist in Corleone and the death of a child of 12 years in mysterious circumstances, behind which is the hand of Michele Navarra (Fabrizio Ferracane), surgeon and man colluded with the underworld. We are in the mid-50s, the year of the Merlin reads, Nicastro also wants to talk in his newspaper about the stories of women who will end up on the street.

The mafia does not stand by and reporters are greeted on the very last day of opening a brothel with a shooting. The dead man escapes. Nicastro is not intimidated and for the first time in Italy it is put in black and white the first investigation into the mafia. The battle of Time has just begun, ink collides with lead.

The Hour, ink and leada fiction that deserves to be seen

The first thing you ask yourself when looking at two episodes of Now, ink against lead it’s for it to be aired in the summertime and not in the fall. It would have been a more appropriate location for a product than deserves visibilityfirst of all for the theme told, secondly, for how it is treated.

Time it is qualitatively above many products that pass through Mediaset channels. The hand of Piero Messina (assistant director of some films of Paolo Sorrentino) is heard. The artistic supervisor takes us to a gloomy and modern Palermo, where the darkness of an oppressive power hovers. It almost seems to look at one graphic novel in which real events are inserted. In fact, the materials available were many: books, interviews, in some cases even original films. It happens to leave important traces to those who have written a piece of our country’s history.

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the hour ink against lead channel 5 tv series claudio santamaria

Claudio Santamaria and Maurizio Lombardi. (Mediaset)

Nicastro, almost a hero of a noir comic

Among a tense atmosphere moves Nicastrothat more than a journalist, with that hat, the raincoat and the cigarette always in the mouth seems almost godson of Commissioner Ricciardi or some comic noir. Here, however, it is not the voices of ghosts that help him in the investigation, but his team, the nose, the sweat, the risk they take. these journalists who opened a new page on the Italy of those timeswho tried to fight with words a sprawling monster capable of infiltrating any corner of society.


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