The right look for your holidays – Donnamoderna

The right look for your holidays - Donnamoderna

THEn Kenya, in the Balkans, around the United States, in Hawaii. Here’s how to dress depending on what trip you take

The week in Kenya, the tour of the USA, the honeymoon in Hawaii. Whether they are memories or desires to escape, fashion knows how to indulge them. All time.

Here you will find our tips for creating the right outfit when you are around the world.

Travel to Kenya

– Ulla Johnson

– Crepe blouse (Camomilla Italia, 89 euros).

– Poplin skirt (Lead in OVS, 29.95 euros).

– Top with flounce and American neckline (Manila Grace, 139 euros).

– Palazzo pants (Endelea, 135 euros).

– Double face hat (Endelea, 40 euros).

Journey to the Balkans

– Embroidered cotton dress (Gant, 249 euros).

– Dress with plastron and embroidered sleeves (Beatrice .b, 309 euros).

– Top with multicolor flower embroidery (Twinset Milano, 208 euros).

– Hand embroidered shorts (Bottega Egnazia by Camilla Vender, 195 euros,

Trip to Friuli

– Customizable Friulians (allagiulia, 108 euros).

– Velvet Friulane with matching sole (Grünland, 49.90 euros).

– Regenerated cashmere Friulane (Mate Cashmere, 118 euros).

Travel to Texas

– Shirt with stars, with fringes and patches (5 Progress, 419 euros).

– Tie & dye midi skirt (Sandro Paris, 245 euros).

– Straw hat (Stetson, 119 euros).

– Texans in chamois (Mezcalero, 263 euros).

Travel to Japan

– Caftan of fil coupé with lurex (Gaëlle Paris, 249 euros).

– Georgette poncho (Marella, 99 euros).

– Kimono with sequins (Dixie, 229 euros).

Travel to India

– Etro

– Long lace dress (Sandro Paris, 425 euros).

– Printed silk dress with ikat embroidery effect (Saloni, ‌600 euros).

– Long dress with deep neckline and central slit (Camomilla Italia, 169 euros).

– Belt with decorative gusset (Safira Milano, 199 euros).

Travel to Hawaii

– Valentino

– 100% viscose shirt (C&A Premium, 29.99 euros).

– Silk shirt with Korean collar (Falconeri, 148 euros).

– Shirt with tropical print (Golden Goose, 320 euros).

– Viscose and silk shirt (Attic and Barn, 213 euros).

– Printed crepe shirt (iBlues, 119 euros).

Travel to New Mexico

– Alanui

– Fabric and leather bomber jacket (Akep, € 375).

– Cotton blend cardigan with jacquard design (Kaos Jeans, 175 euros).

Old America

– Paul & Joe

– Natural straw hat (Muhlbauer, 318 euros).

Travel to Peru

– Chloé

– Patchwork flounced cotton skirt (Pierre-Louis Mascia, 445 euros).

– Ankle boots with crochet details (Mou, 169 euros).

– Handmade recycled plastic belt (Morfosis with Mondo Solidale Onlus, 140 euros).

– Clutch bag with pompon (Lead in OVS, 24.95 euros).

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