• June 5, 2023

Serie A, the play-off for the championship and relegation is back in the event of a tie on points

ROME – Scudetto and relegation, in case of arrival on equal points, will be decided by a play-off. Show that is added to the show for the first and third last position in the ranking of the A league. Head-to-head clashes and detached rankings, goodbye. A proposal put forward on Tuesday by the Lega Council and which will now seek the approval of the Federal Council, expected by the end of June. It would actually be a return: the rule existed until 2005, even if it only came onto the scene for the Scudetto in 1964. Bologna-Inter in Rome, Bernardini’s rossoblù, Italian champions.

How does the scudetto play-off work?

From the 2022/2023 season, which will start in mid-August due to the winter World Cup, if two teams finish the championship in the lead, on equal points, they will play a play-off in a single match. Match that will be played in a neutral field identified at the beginning of the season. In the hypothesis that three or more teams finish first with the same points, the detached ranking will come into play (given by the sum of the points in the direct matches between the teams concerned). The first two classified will play the direct match. The tricolor, therefore, could be awarded after ninety exciting minutes.

How does the draw for salvation work?

The modalities are the same. In the event of an equal number of points, a direct match will be played to avoid the third to last position, the last of the three that condemns relegation to Serie B. Also in this case, with three or more teams on equal points, it will be the detached classification that decides. the two deserving to play the last chance of salvation in the play-off.

Serie A anticipates the calendar so as not to be without hotels

by Matteo Pinci

And for the European cups?

For the ranking positions that determine access to the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference, as well as all the others, the old rules will apply. So if two or more teams with the same points will fight for positions other than the first and the third last, the order of arrival will be decided by the direct matches (for two teams) or the detached classification (for three or more teams). Now only the go-ahead from the Federal Council is missing.

The previous one: Bologna-Inter in ’64

Only once was the Scudetto awarded through a play-off. It was June 7, 1964 and the Bologna. At the Olimpico in Rome, Fulvio Bernardini’s team won 2-0 againstInter and won the seventh and for now the last championship in its history. Herrera’s Nerazzurri, a few days earlier, had raised the Champions Cup to the sky. The rossoblùs dedicated that tricolor to Renato Dall’Ara, the recently deceased president. And to which the stadium in Bologna is still named today.

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