• May 29, 2023

Queen Elizabeth agrees: nephew Peter can remarry – iO Donna

R.the 44-year-old educates from a recent divorce Peter Phillips had long ago privately expressed his intention to marry Lindsay Wallace, 40 years old and longtime friend. And seeing her present, Queen Elizabeth didn’t flinch at her, immediately giving her approval. A decision that only a few decades ago would have been impossible for her.

Peter Phillips and Lindsay Wallace at the Platinum Jubilee Parade, London, June 5, 2022 (Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth adapts to the times

The problem at court is that Lindsay, a mother of two, is still married and the Queen’s aides would have preferred to announce the new union at the finalization of Wallace’s divorce. But times have changed. And the queen certainly cannot repeat what she did in the 1950swhen he banned the wedding of his sister Margaret, who fell in love with a married and later divorced man.

Queen Elizabeth in green (surprisingly) closes the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Queen Elizabeth in green (surprisingly) closes the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The Royal debut of Peter Phillips and Lindsay Wallace

Strong with the approval of the queen, during the Platinum Jubilee weekend Peter and Lindsay made their public debut. Wallace accompanied Peter to Epsom horse racing last Saturday, and that same evening they appeared at the Buckingham Palace concert. The next day, at the final parade, Lindsay was seen playing with Peter’s daughters, Savannah, 12, and Isla, 11. Everything is going well, then. Or not?

Peter and Lindsay seated behind Prince Charles and Anna d’Inghiterra at the Buckingham Palace Jubilee concert, June 4, 2022 (Getty Images)

Another embarrassing situation for Queen Elizabeth

Peter’s ex, Canadian Autumn, still resides in Gatcombe Park, Anne of England’s estate in central England, in a residence next to those of Peter and his sister Zara Tindall. And the arrival of Lidsay with her daughters makes the most puritans at court turn up their noses, who perhaps would prefer a more conventional situation. Peter and Autumn divorced a year agoafter 14 years of marriage, but have decided not to move too geographically for the sake of their daughters.

Peter Phillips with Meghan and Harry at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, June 3, 2022 (Getty Images)

The new Royal Wedding: will the queen prevent the sale of the official photos?

At court they also fear the controversies that never seem to be lacking in Peter Phillips’ life. In addition to commercial activities that often clearly exploit the Royal status of him, just at his wedding to Autumn in 2008, Peter had angered the grandmother queen for allowing an English magazine to publish her wedding photos exclusively. Behind a fee of 500 thousand pounds.

Peter Phillips always in trouble

In January 2020 Peter angered the monarch’s grandmother again by participating in an advertisement for a Chinese milk in which he boasted that he was a member of the British Royal Family. Then, in March 2021, and in full lockdown, Anna’s eldest son – 18th in line of succession to the throne but without a title – sparked new controversy over driving to Scotland to visit his new girlfriend.

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