• May 28, 2023

Premio Strega 2022, seven books in the final for the first time. Desiati the most voted

BENEVENTO – AND’ Mario Desiati with Spatriate (Einaudi) to conquer the first place among the finalists of the Strega prize, announced at the Roman Theater of Benevento on the notes of No sleep. With 244 votes Desiati was the most voted. In second place Claudio Piersanti with That accursed Vronsky (Rizzoli, 178 votes); third Marco Amerighi with Stray (Bollati Boringhieri, 175 votes, Gems group). Veronica Raimowinner with Nothing true (Einaudi) of the Strega Giovani, is fourth with 169 votes. In fifth place an ex aequo: Fabio Bacà (NovaAdelphi) and Alessandra Carati (And then we’ll be safe, Mondadori) with 168 votes. A seventh book has also been added to these six finalists, because the Strega regulation provides that if there are only large publishers in the Cinquina, as in this case, the most voted among the small-mediums has the right to repechage. Here then is added to the sestina, Veronica Galletta with Nina on the embankment (minimum fax, 103 votes). It had never happened in the history of the Witch that 7 books reached the final.

Young Witch Award: Veronica Raimo is the boys’ favorite

by Raffaella De Santis

Among the great excluded Feltrinelli who competed with Jana Karšaiová’s debut novel, Velvet divorce (124 votes) and Bompiani (Giunti group) with Open story from Davide Orecchio. They cast their vote 600 between single votes and collective votes, on 660 entitled: to those of 400 Sunday friends are added 220 votes expressed by Italian and foreign scholars, translators and intellectuals selected from over 30 Italian cultural institutes abroad, 20 readers strong And 20 collective votes expressed by schools, universities and reading groups, including the circles set up at the Libraries of Rome. In this phase each juror had the possibility to express three preferences, which will not happen for the choice of the winner, where each one will have only one vote available.

In June, the candidates and finalists at the LXXVI edition of the Premio Strega will be guests of festivals and cultural events throughout Italy. The election of the winner will be held on July 7 at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome.

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