• June 8, 2023

Low waist trousers: how to combine them with style in 2022 | iO Woman

Lthe strongest (and most feared) trend of Spring-Summer 2022? The return of low life. Pants and jeans encircle the hips and show the navel, supplanting the comfortable low rise models. And fashion followers are wondering how to tackle the problem with style.

The first good news is that you don’t need to replicate Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s 2000s open belly outfits to follow her. The second is that you are entitled to hide your legs, opting for long pants. In short, this season, stylists and trendsetters opt for unexpectedly chic solutions. All from to copy.

How to dress in June 2022: 5 outfits to welcome summer with style.

How to dress in June 2022: 5 outfits to welcome summer with style.

Casual chic

Low waist and casual looks go hand in hand. To approach the trend with panache, a couple of baggy or boyfriend jeans soft and relaxed indigo are ideal. To wear with sneakers and a simple one short t-shirt whitein free time.

2022 hipster

Short t-shirt and low-rise baggy jeans, the cool couple of summer 2022 (Photo: MEGA / GC Images).

I see I don’t see

Low-waisted trousers in the evening in Summer 2022, or a very high risk of being vulgar? The ace in the sleeve: the top or the sweater at the net, effect I see I do not see. The choice of a total black outfit raises the bar of elegance. The perfect idea for a cocktail or a special evening.

2022 hipster

A see-through top is ideal for covering the belly in style (Photo: Raymond Hall / GC Images).

With a knotted shirt

A oversized shirt with a masculine cut it can become extremely feminine if tied at the waist just above the navel, worn with jeans or low-rise trousers. The secret in 2022 is to leave it uncovered right a little belly. The combination with sandals or flat slippers is ultra sophisticated.

2022 hipster

Knotted shirt and low rise jeans: the chicest look (Photo: Getty Images).

The ally of style: the leotard

Following the Spring-Summer 2022 trend of hipsters doesn’t necessarily mean having a six pack. Even those not equipped with ABS at Emily Ratajkowski she can focus on an opaque bodysuit or a T-shirt reimbursed inside the waist: what matters is to create a clear cut of colors to emphasize the cut of the low rise pants. A classic belt reinforces the concept.

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2022 hipster

The leotard in the low rise tailored trousers, to follow the trend by covering up (Photo: Christian Vierig / Getty Images).

A jacket to cover up

Crop-tops and low-rise pants can put even the most self-confident fashion followers in trouble. The stratagem to increase the dose of confidence: a long and wide blazer, to be worn open so as to show only the bare essentials.

2022 hipster

Male / female, oversized blazer and low waist (Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images).

The daily substitute: a cardigan long and colorful.


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