• May 28, 2023

Lilibet Diana, her dress is from a brand that helps disadvantaged women – iO Donna

C.is always a story behind every look. And there is also behind the dress worn for her first birthday as Lilibet Diana, the second child of Harry and Meghan Markle. The garment is an Isabel Garreton creation, an ethical brand that unfortunately has just closed after thirty years spent with an important mission: to employ disadvantaged women to help them get out of poverty. The designer has made it known that she has decided to close because she has not found any other brand interested in taking over his company and its values.

Curious that the daughter of a prince has now unknowingly made the brand known all over the world.

Lilibet Diana

Lilibet Diana has just turned 1

Lilibet Diana, her first birthday

Given these premises, Lilibet Diana – in addition to the weight of the name “inherited” from the great grandmother Elizabeth II – has already worn, unbeknownst to him, a “thick” mini look. The designer, of Californian origin, has made her mission a lifestyle. And, probably, also for this reason she was chosen by Meghan Markle for her daughter. In London the former actress had already taken care of a committed association in offering disadvantaged women clothes and a job.

The little girl’s first birthday was celebrated in London, in Frogmore Cottage, the British residence of the Dukes of Sussex. The beautiful photo was taken by a family friend of the couple, Misan Harriman, one of the guests at the party which was also attended by Queen Elizabeth. In recent days it has emerged that the sovereign would have refused to be immortalized with her great-granddaughter to avoid leaks of images to the United States. Right now Harry is busy with his biography which promises more scandals. The couple is then shooting a documentary about their life with Netflix.

Lilibet Diana in Meghan Markle's arms

Who does little Lilibet Diana look like?


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To see the photos compared with the dad, the newcomer is all her father with red hair, while the shape of the eyes resumes that of the mother. That of the first birthday is the second one imagines of Harry and Meghan’s little girl spread by the couple.

Prince Louis' show at the Platinum Jubilee Parade

Prince Louis' show at the Platinum Jubilee Parade

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