• June 8, 2023

In Verona, the League wrote to the “heads of families”: “Vote Sboarina”. The Pd: “Misogynists and 50 years back”

“For the kind attention of the head of the family”. Thus begins the letter sent by the League to the citizens of Verona to invite them to confirm with the vote, Sunday 12 June, Federico Sboarina as first citizen. “Bar the symbol of the League – Sboarina mayor”, the invitation contained in the letter. But it was the letter header that aroused the controversy. “The Lega and Sboarina once again show that they are 50 years behind in history”, they attacked from the Democratic Party. “That of the ‘head of the family’ – continue the dem – is a figure that no longer exists since 1975: the reform of family law abrogates this term. But evidently the Carroccio and his candidate do not know this and prefer to address the letters to the ‘head of the family ‘, in fact, who until 1975 was the man who was legally and socially recognized as having authority over the other members “.

On Facebook the leader of the Democratic Party in the city council of Verona increases the dose: “Once again the Lega and Sboarina humiliate the figure of the woman. If it is a mistake (but I doubt) it is appropriate that Sboarina apologizes and distances himself from this misogynistic way of doing politics, for which he has already been mocked by half of Italy with only male appointments on the board of Verona Exhibitions”.

Damiano Tommasi in the municipal field: “Let’s change the image of black Verona. Football is more difficult than politics”

of Old Concept

Protest against the party’s stunt Salvini also Simona Malpezzi, dem group leader in the Senate. “It is a pity that Il Carroccio writes to an Italy that no longer exists, in society and in the legal system, but which they certainly miss. A letter that speaks of the distorted and misogynistic vision that the right stubbornly continues to have” And the pd Alessia Rotta on Twitter he adds: “This is the consideration of the right for women who, in their eyes, are not sentient beings. In a few days we can change and give back to Verona the dignity it deserves. “Of the same opinion Valeria Fedeli: “The women, the electric ones. They know very well what to choose and certainly do not let the men of the house dictate the political line. The country is in 2022, the Italian right has remained bogged down 50 years ago”.

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