• June 5, 2023

If an entire country goes on a diet (also thanks to TV)

In the greedy land of Sangioveseof wraps and cured meats, tagliatelle and other high-calorie but irresistible amenities, the mayor Leonardo Bindi he attempts an adventurous, not to say impossible, experiment: putting his fellow citizens and voters on a diet. Politically risky to go against the sins of gluttony. It happens a San Leo, a pleasant Romagna town perched on the Apennines overlooking the Adriatic, dominated by a very famous medieval fortress. The birth and progression of this bet are contained in a two-part program: “A country on a diet”, broadcast on June 8 and 12 in prime time on the Nove (also available in streaming on discovery +), commented by the voice (mocking ) from Gene Gnocchi.

In a television that overflows of chefs in the kitchen and gastronomic advice, a counter-current program, a format that could take hold and perhaps see more countries compete for who is best at losing weight. Supported by the chef Roberto Valbuzzi (“Courtesies for guests”), by the water polo champion and coach Amaurys Perez involved as a “village trainer” and by the teacher Carla Lertola, a specialist in Food Science and Dietetics, the mayor attempts a titanic challenge: to make the leontini, who immediately feel handsome in the flesh and not really inappetent, lose a total of 500 kilos in 100 days. He will set a good example himself. Will it be enough?

It is a real social experiment what the cameras document: the reactions are the most diverse, from acceptance to rebellion, and the difficulty for the Italian population to give up the pleasures of the gluttony even with the prospect of bringing down the abundant waistline and then being rewarded by satisfaction to make a good impression at the inevitable costume test every summer.

Summons the population, by call to the megaphone, the mayor. Then, to the villagers who responded to the call, he communicates that from now on they will all be on a diet. If earlier that rallying call worried, the reaction takes on the characteristics of a small insurrection. There are those who are thinking of changing residence. And who was hungry by reaction. Vibrant albeit subdued discussions take place between husbands and wives. “But where did you take me?”. “Commendable initiative”. And while people go to weigh themselves publicly (9137 kilos for just over a hundred people), the butcher, butcher and baker worry: how will business go? Not to mention the restaurateurs who experience it as a personal affront (but then they will be involved and partially convinced).

However, they promise not a strenuous fast but a controlled and pleasant diet for the chef and the dietician: a change of habits, a healthier diet and not a deprivation of food. While threatening a lot of sweat, but with a smile on his lips, the athletic Amaurys, the only one worried about the realistic possibility of reaching the final target: it is really overweight people who are in front of him, used more to moving the jaws than the muscles. He sets off in the rain for a short marathon. Then we continue day by day with nutrition lessons, small easy but effective tips, practicable in any kitchen. The gymnastics is a salsa step on a reggaeton rhythm (with corrective smooth action by the locals: after all you are in the land of dance halls) and the swimming pool is inevitable. And then there are basic dietary advice to support the most problematic cases. 100 days go by quickly. The result? Surprise.

“Our biggest challenge was going to San Leo – He told us Fatma Ruffini who with his FTM Entertainment has conceived and created the reality show -, a village with the cult of good food and being able to involve the inhabitants in this experiment. We have found availability, cheerfulness, friendliness and desire to get involved to find a healthier lifestyle. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been moments of despair, but almost everyone accepted and participated with extreme determination. We are very satisfied with the results obtained “.

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