• May 28, 2023

Hydrogen idea, here is the portable cartridge from Toyota

ROME – Further confirmation of how much the Toyota group believes in the future of hydrogen comes from its portable “cartridge” prototype. The Japanese company continues to develop sustainable energy solutions and together with its sister company Woven Planet has just presented the novelty at the Super Taikyu Series 2022 Round 2 at Fuji SpeedWay (a series of competitions where Toyota is already active with a hydrogen-powered GR) . According to the house, the particular design of this compact container (400mm in length and 180mm in diameter) and which holds 5kg of hydrogen, can facilitate daily transportation and energy supply to power a wide range of applications in life. daily.

Toyota and Woven Planet have anticipated that they will carry out a series of tests of this prototype in various locations, including Woven City, a human-centered smart city of the future currently under construction in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to meet the needs. energy of the residents. On the other hand, the field of application of hydrogen is wide and can be used, for example, to generate electricity in fuel cell systems and also used as a fuel in normal thermal engines. Together with Eneos Corporation, Toyota and Woven Planet are working with the goal of building a complete hydrogen-based supply chain to accelerate and simplify production, transportation and daily use.

In future Woven City trials, Toyota will continue to make improvements to the hydrogen cartridge, making it easier to use and improving energy density. When hydrogen is used, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are eliminated and, when its production takes place using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass, CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum even in the production phases.

“The ultimate goal of this project is to create a zero-carbon society where everyone can access clean energy, first in Japan and then around the world – underline at the headquarters – Toyota and Woven Planet intend to develop best practices for incorporating hydrogen clean energy into daily life, helping it to become commonplace and making this clean form of energy safe, comfortable and affordable. These real-life experiences will help us understand how to best transform hydrogen into a familiar, well-used and loved type of energy ”. According to the Japanese company, thanks to its compact size, the cartridge system, as well as in the automotive sector, could also be used in the motorcycle sector and in the power supply of drones.

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