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How to prepare the perfect suitcase – Donnamoderna

TOto roll or fold: the debate is open. In any case, for the three types of (hand!) Baggage, we suggest three methods of packing. And leave without too many burdens and thoughts

Packing is an art

There is a rule to follow when packing a bag: if you have to sit on it to close it, the contents must be reviewed. Considering that our holidays no longer last a whole month but are short breaks, why have a suitcase anxiety crisis? Yet, if there are those, like Louis Vuitton, who called it poetically “Art of Packing”, launching tutorials exactly 10 years ago (look for them on YouTube) to teach how to best fill three of their compact bags, something good this task will have it! Packing is an art: it is not essential to have 163 years of luxury luggage like the French brand behind, nor to be consumed globetrotters. 3 steps are enough: choose your luggage well, select your looks wisely and fold everything wisely. Here we go!

The choice of suitcase: hard or soft

Writer Ira Levin said: «Anyone who needs more than one suitcase is a tourist, not a traveler». Ergo, leave your suitcase alone: ​​it’s out. To leave with the least load of thoughts, go with hand luggage: you save money, time and move more easily. If you travel by train or car, use the soft bag, it fits better in the spaces on board. By plane, the rigid trolley is ideal (pay attention to the weight and dimensions allowed by the airlines). But if yours is going to be a “backpacking” holiday, choose the most suitable capacity for the duration of the trip. In any case, store carefully trying to get the maximum performance with the minimum effort. The challenge is worthy of Mary Poppins and Mago Merlin together: to bring the greatest number of items without making a turn.

The infallible organization of baggage

Whether it’s paper or digital (there are so many dedicated apps), the list is the foolproof way to reduce baggage. With just a few passe-partout pieces in neutral colors you never go wrong: white, black and sand combine easily with each other, creating always chic combinations, so much for the touches of color there are accessories. Keep this system good: if the trip lasts a week, bring two items of each type with you, if it lasts two add one and so on. To get an overview of the list you have drawn up, put everything on the bed and if you are undecided, follow the Chanel-thought: «Before you go out, look in the mirror and take something off».

And now, let’s put away. The baggage is composed starting from the shoes: Divide each pair into dust bags and place them on the bottom, along with the other heavy objects. Two, three pairs are enough. Start wearing the bulkier ones (usually sneakers) and opt for laminated tones: gold and silver go with everything. Shirts and evening dresses stand on top.

The Marie Kondo method

The KonMari method, perfect (also) for the trolley. Marie Kondo, the Japanese guru of order in the home and in the closets, invites you to apply her advice even in the neurotic moment of packing. Her method consists in folding the clothes into packets or “origami”, transforming them into small rectangles to be placed in the suitcase, but vertically. Both sides are folded towards the center, then the garment is folded in half, leaving a few centimeters from the edge and finally folded again in two or three.

This is also the case with trousers (putting one leg over the other, folding them in half and then in twos or threes), jackets and shirts (to which you will have lifted the collar first). The dresses, as if they were a long t-shirt, fold at the hips and then again several times on themselves, it being understood that the maxi dresses and elegant dresses must be packed last.

The backpack always in order

Starting from the assumption that backpack lovers hardly carry long organza and stiletto dresses, rolling up the basics is undoubtedly the best way to fill the backpack. Divide the garments by type: T-shirt, pants, lingerie, costumes … You fold them, roll them up, put them in plastic bags with hermetic closure (which, when compressed, create a vacuum) and then place them in the backpack. This way you can find what you need the first time, without messing everything up.

It starts by inserting sneakers or trekking shoes (to be used as containers for socks and small objects), rubber flip flops and foldable ballet flats for the evening, all stored in dust bags. And now a very smart tip: use the empty tube of a finished lip balm to store small bijoux in the beauty case.

The latest trend for the duffel bag

Here we are at the method bundle packing, which means “wrapping by wrapping” and consists of folding the clothes one inside the other to avoid any creases. First of all, prepare a compact beauty case filled with stockings, lingerie and costumes: it will be the center of your “bundle”, the heart around which the garments will be wrapped. Then, place the clothes in a precise order that starts with the jacket or jacket: you button it and let the sleeves fall open. Place on them, in order, skirts or short dresses, shirts or long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts or short-sleeved shirts, trousers or long dresses, sweaters, shorts.

Each garment will be placed in the opposite direction to the previous one, making the sleeves coincide. The trousers are placed horizontally, folded lengthwise. Above all, the beauty is inserted and each garment begins to be folded around him, starting from the last one in the pile up to the initial jacket. Now all you have to do is slip the anti-crease package thus obtained into the bag.

First: choose well what to travel with. Second: make a list. Here are the two main principles.

AND BEFORE YOU CLOSE EVERYTHING … At this point you are ace at packing, rolling and bundling. Only the most important warning remains: never fill your suitcase to the brim. During your vacation, you can be sure, you will find plenty of irresistible souvenirs, mostly clothing and accessories. With the effort you put into preparing the perfect bag, you will have deserved it. And so we start again: fold, roll up, bag …

Star with suitcase

Heidi Klum, Olivia Pulpo, Caroline Daur, Izabel Goulart: do you want to know how to be glam even when you travel the world with your suitcase? Get inspired by them. Look at the gallery:


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