How to offer your boss a different approach to work

How to offer your boss a different approach to work

S.and you are looking for how to offer your boss a different approach to work we reveal the right way to get the attention of your supervisor

Finding the courage to talk to your boss isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a friendly and confidential relationship. In reality, even when there is confidence there is always a bit of fear of ruining the relationship, creating a climate of tension. In this article, however, we want to reveal you how to offer your boss a different approach to work.

Whether you’ve had a promotion and moved teams, you’ve started a new collaboration or a new supervisor has been hired, redesigning the dynamics while still making the team work may not be easy. However, creating a relationship of trust by making sure that your boss knows he can count on you can help you; rule number 1? Be assertive.

The importance of assertiveness

For a long time assertiveness was seen as something negative; in fact, a person with this ability may be able to assert their opinions and to make one’s voice heard without fear of offending or create a break.

You must know that it is absolutely legitimate to have an assertive attitude in the workplace, this can help you not only in the relationship with your boss but also in that with colleaguesmoreover it becomes an excellent support in managing moments of crisis or criticality.

Being responsible and at the same time proactive you will be able to get your boss’s attention who will know trust you, will know how to listen to you and will consider your idea of ​​changing your approach at work. Especially if you have been on this team for longer and your supervisor is new, he will know he has a figure on his side. That’s why sometimes it is better to talk than to indulge; However, remember that this is your boss and you owe him respect, just as you owe any of your colleague.

Assertiveness helps you show you safely, to express yourself but also to accept any criticism without creating tensions or moments of embarrassment. In short, assertiveness helps you to have a more balanced approach at work and with colleagues, clearly it also works with your boss!

How to get your boss to accept an idea

You have been thinking for a while about a way to save your company, how to speed up a process or how to improve the team’s mood and you have finally found a solution so much that you would really like to talk to your boss. You put it off for a while, fearing he might not listen to you but now you have taken courage.

You must know that in order for a change in the way of working to be accepted, you must arrive with a clear speechnot excessively verbose but clearly framing the benefits that your company can have. By putting the pluses in the sunlight that a certain choice and a change of course can give, it will be much easier for your idea to be accepted.

Identify your manager’s insecurities

If you are pursuing an idea and you think it could be revolutionary but you see more reluctance than you expected you must act as you do in the world of marketing; it’s important understand what the criticalities and insecurities are so as to be able to stem and overcome them.

We understand that facing rejection from your boss is difficult to accept but before giving up try to understand the reason for the no; often it is simply a fear of overcoming a pattern that is taken for granted and functioning. By correctly highlighting the elements that would lead you towards this choice, make sure to give your boss more security which he will be more likely to accept.

Communication must be clear

Often, the problem of no is the lack of communication clarity. We know that not everyone works in the communication or marketing sector but it is important to know how to correctly express the idea, i its benefits and advantages that can be obtained.

To get a yes from your boss is the way in which we express ourselves is also important; an orderly and straightforward speech, with appropriate terms and with the right tone of voice will make you seem much more confident and will surely bring benefit and more propensity for an affirmative answer.

Simplify implementation

Another aspect that should not be underestimated in case you want to offer your boss a different approach to work is that of simplify implementation. What does it mean? Concretely, you will have to take care of proposing how to put a change into practice, not only showing benefits in an abstract way but highlighting how simple everything is. Only with the ease of a trade will you be likely to receive an affirmative answer.

Involve colleagues

If you are thinking of proposing to your boss a different approach to work you should think about not doing it alone; after all it is something that it’s also about your colleagues. That’s why your work team is the best support to get a positive response from your boss. In short, by involving them you can certainly demonstrate to your superior how the whole team is ready for change.

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