• May 28, 2023

Harvey Weinstein also indicted in Britain for sexual assault

Legal troubles also in the UK for Harvey Weinstein: the former very powerful Hollywood film producer was indicted for sexual assault against a woman in London in 1996. The green light came from the Crown prosecutor in relation to two counts.

“The charges were cleared against Weinstein, following the review of the allegations collected by the Metropolitan Police in its investigation,” said the prosecutor. Rosemary Ainslie.

British police previously reported that they were investigating multiple sexual assault allegations against Weinstein. Unlike many other countries, the UK does not have a statute of limitations for rape or sexual assault.

Kevin Spacey can also be tried for harassment in New York

by Giovanni Gagliardi

On June 12, the New York Court of Appeals upheld Weinstein’s 23-year sentence for sexual assault on some women, rejecting her allegations that the judges compromised the trial by allowing the accusers to testify on issues. which were not part of the proceedings. This was established by a jury of five judges.

“We are disappointed but not surprised,” said a spokesman for the former producer, Juda Engelmayer, according to whom the legal team is reviewing all its options before the appeals court and beyond.

Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape, feels bad. Admitted

The manufacturer of pulp Fiction is in jail in California while awaiting a retrial on charges of sexually assaulting five women in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills between 2004 and 2013. In New York, he was convicted in February 2020 for sexual assault on a ‘ assistant in 2006 and for the rape of an aspiring actress in 2013. The allegations against her are a key case in the anti-sexual violence movement #MeToo.

In total, about ninety people have accused him of having taken advantage of his prominent position in the world of Hollywood to dispose of stars, aspiring actresses and staff of his staff at will. Among the women who reported him, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow And Salma Hayek. Weinstein has always defended himself, arguing that sexual relations were consenting.

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