• May 28, 2023

Fabrizio Corona marries 22-year-old model Sara Barbieri: “I dream of moving with her to America”

Fabrizio Corona is about to get married: the exact date is not yet known, but the wedding with Sara Barbieri – the 22-year-old model with whom the former king of paparazzi has been living for some time – will be celebrated next September.

It was he himself who revealed it in the weekly Who, explaining that he has lived for a year with the girl and Carlos, the son of his ex-wife Nina Moric. Although he had never spoken in public about her relationship with the model, nor posted photos of the couple on her social profiles, Corona guarantees to be serious with her and not to consider the age difference a problem.

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“She is 22, it’s true, she is 26 younger than me, but she is not a child, she is a very special person, she has a deep head and soul like I have never met before in my life – she declared – In fact, this one with her is certainly one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever lived, I have serious projects with her “.

Hence the decision to commit to marriage, which “having reached this age, has a higher meaning. Otherwise getting married would mean nothing, especially for someone like me who has no property”. Also based on the statements made to the weekly, the 48-year-old would also be ready to become a father again: “I’d also have a son”.

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A few days ago Corona, who was in home detention to serve the remaining sentence for his sentences, obtained the alternative measure of therapeutic assignment in a recovery community in Limbiate (in the province of Monza and Brianza): the Supervisory Court of Milan has established that he will have to go there every Friday for four hours to do voluntary work. The former photo agent still has proceedings pending for fraud, defamation, beatings, threats, attempted evasion, aggravated damage, resistance and insult to a public official, but is still thinking about the future.

“In a while, at 50, I want to move with Sara to live in America – he said – It’s my dream, I have a year and a half to make it come true and I’m already doing it”.

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