• June 8, 2023

Europe also introduces the “pink quotas” in the Boards – iO Donna

LAnd quote rose nobody likes them, least of all women. But if the natural evolution of society does not come to understand that a change in this sense is necessary, rules are welcome that impose that there are not only men at the decision-making tables.

What are the most urgent measures to make Italy a country (also) for women?

What are the most urgent measures to make Italy a country (also) for women?

Pink odds in Europe: here we are

And it is precisely for this reason that an agreement was reached between the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament to approve the so-called directive “Women on Boards“. That is: the obligation, with transparent recruitment procedures, that at least 40 per cent of the seats on the board of directorsthe boards of directors of listed European companies are reserved for women.

In the event that there are two candidates of different genders, with the same qualifications, priority must be given to the female one. The companies must then submit to the competent authorities, once a year, detailed information on the goals they have achieved and, if they are at fault, they will have to report how they intend to integrate the deficiencies.

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Italy, thanks also to the Gulf-Moscow law, is doing better than the average: 39.6% of the board members are women

Women on the board of directors: still few

Currently, only 30.6% of the board members of the largest listed companies in the EU are women. with significant differences between Member States ranging from 45.3% in France to 8.5% in Cyprus.

Italy, thanks also to Gulf-Moscow law (which from 2019 already imposes the 40% quota), does better than average: 39.6% of the board members are women. The presidents, however, are just 18.2%. And the ads are even lessin 2020 Consob found that they were less than 2%.

Satisfaction Von der Leyen and Metsola

A great satisfaction for Ursula Von der Leyen And Roberta Metsola. “This is a great day for women in Europe. It is also a big day for companies. Because more diversity means more growth, more innovation ”commented La President of the Commission.

«The Women On Boards Directive is a win-win directive. Beneficial for women, for men, for businesses, for employees. Today’s agreement will see more women take the lead in the corporate sector. We can balance the playing field, “said La President of the European Parliament.

Pink odds in Europe: it took ten years

All this great enthusiasm arises because the measure had a very long gestation, over ten years. The Commission, which had placed this directive among the central objectives of its Union strategy for gender equality (2020-2025)first presented his proposal in 2012.

The file was then blocked in the Council for almost a decade, until i labor and social affairs ministers released the text last March.

Women On Boards, well though …

The end of Women On Boards to lead to the introduction of a quota system due to the presence of the gender represented below on the boards of directors of listed companies, both public and private, it’s a step forward.

Certainly, however, one cannot fail to notice his be addressed exclusively to listed companiesthus excluding unlisted public companies, leaves many questions open.

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Sanctions for those who do not reach the goal

Small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees are excluded from the Directive. And for whom does not meet the objectives, which must be achieved by 30 June 2026, there are sanctions. At this point, once Parliament and the Council have formally approved the agreement, the directive will enter into force 20 days after its publication in the Official Journal.


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