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Andlisabetta Canalis debuts as a kickboxer. After training for a long time in this combat sport, the showgirl, presenter and influencer is ready for her first meeting. The June 18 he will in fact be in the ring against Rachele Muratori in a match of three rounds for a minute and a half each.

Elisabetta Canalis trains her daughter Skyler Eva in kickboxing: a family passion

Elisabetta Canalis trains her daughter Skyler Eva in kickboxing: a family passion

Elisabetta Canalis: all about her first meeting

The meeting that will see the famous debut model in the world of kickboxing it will happen at the Royal Palace of Venaria, near Turin. The frame is that of the twelfth edition of The Night of Kick and Punchthe gala dedicated to ring sports.

Elisabetta Canalis at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show on February 23, 2022 at Milan Fashion Week. Credit: Daniele Venturelli / WireImage

His match against Rachele Muratori will be played with the rules of the low-kick style. What is it about? Fists from the waist up. And kicks in the face, body and legs.

Who follows the 43-year-old model on Instagram (it’s called @littlecrumb_ and has 3.2 million followers) he knows about his love for this combat sport. But now it’s not about simple workouts. The showgirl has decided to get serious. And whether she is in Los Angeles (where she lives) or in Italy, between Milan and her Sardinia, there is no day that does not include at least a little training

It is not the first time of Canalis at the Night of Kick and Punch

Apparently, it was to convince the presenter to fight Angelo Valentemany times kickboxing world champion, with which Canalis trains when she is in Milan. He he is also the organizer of the gala which will see the debut of the former tissue. In fact, in 2018 Elisabetta Canalis had presented the ninth edition of the event and in the following two years she was its godmother.

Elisabetta Canalis and sports

Sport has always occupied a large space in the days of Canalis. Before horse ridingthen Krav magaa self-defense technique adopted by Israeli special forces, e Muay thai. Now is the time of the kickboxing.

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A short time ago he had explained to Sportweek: «I can’t sit still for too long. When I’m not at home, at 7 in the morning I’m running, then I do my exercises“. And on this new adventure: “Kickboxing for me means balance, stability and a lot of sweat. I have been training constantly for some time and I love this discipline. I can’t wait for the 18th to arrive and to be able to fight“.


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