• May 28, 2023

Electric car, Italy leader in Europe. At least in the intentions of purchase

ROME – The electrification of the car is increasingly appreciated. This is revealed by the latest “EY Mobility Consumer Index”, the annual study conducted by EY on over 18 countries, including Italy, which is based on a sample of over thirteen thousand respondents. According to analysts, 52% of those who intend to buy a car in the world will buy an electric or electrified vehicle (100% electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid), a figure that for the first time exceeds 50%, and sees a growth of 22% in just two years.

In the EY index, which analyzes the main changes detected in consumer habits in the mobility sector, Italy stands out as the leading country in Europe in the adoption of electric vehicles: 73% of the sample intends to purchase an electrified vehicle. The ranking of intentions is followed by Spain (62%), Norway (61%), Sweden (52%), United Kingdom (49%), France (48%), Netherlands (46%) and Germany (45%).

Moving to the Asian continent, China (69%) and South Korea (63%) stand out, followed by Australia (38%) and finally the United States (29%). Among the main reasons that push the purchase of an electrified vehicle we find instead environmental sustainability and its protection (38%), followed by the impact of the general increase in prices (34%), in particular that of gas, which is penalizing vehicles with internal combustion engines. It is also surprising, among those who intend to buy an electric vehicle, that they are willing to pay a premium: 88% would be willing to pay more and 35% to pay a premium of at least 20%. In the Italian sample, which has over three hundred respondents, 73% of potential buyers are oriented towards the purchase of electric vehicles, an increase compared to 2021 when 63% was recorded.

Going into more detail, 23% of potential car buyers expect to buy a 100% electric car in 2022, with a marked growth compared to 2021 (9%) albeit in line with this year’s global average of 20%. 22% of the sample would buy a plug-in hybrid instead, (21% in 2021), where the global average is 10%, while 28% would buy a hybrid car (33% in 2021) compared to a global average of 21%.

The geographical location of those wishing to purchase an electrified car in 2022 sees 43% located in a rural area, 18% in a medium-sized city, 18% in the center of a large city, 12% in a small town and 9% in the suburban areas of a metropolis. Finally, 36% of respondents state that they are able to recharge their electric vehicle daily at home, 21% several times a week, 20% once a week, 13% never and 10% occasionally. “It will be essential in the coming years to accelerate the development of an adequate and efficient charging infrastructure network – declared Giovanni Passalacqua, partner and automotive consulting leader of EY – The crisis in electronic components and the global geopolitical situation are strongly impacting the mobility sector in which, today more than ever, it is essential to bring together all the players in the sector to create an interconnected, competitive and sustainable ecosystem “.

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