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The digitization of content has also arrived strongly in the publishing sector and digital books are now a consolidated market reality. While not everyone likes the idea of ​​having an illuminated piece of plastic in their hands rather than a paper book, ebook readerstablets and smartphones are used by more and more people to read books, school texts, magazines and newspapers.

THE ebook readers they enjoy a series of advantages and disadvantages compared to paper books, but as always in the digital age they are the convenience and ease of use. It is impossible to deny how some features of the best ereaders are very convincing, especially for those who travel often or want to have an entire library of thousands of books in a small slim device to read even in the dark and in the water.


What is an ebook reader?

A ebook reader it is a large device and thick like a small notebook. Basically it is a black and white electronic ink monitor with a few keys, an operating system and a memory. Even with various contrasts and resolutions, the vision of words is opaque, eliminates the problems of reflexes typical of tablets and reduces eye fatigue. This display technology improves battery life and is also preferable over LCD screens.

THE ebook readers they have very small dimensions and weight, a fundamental aspect for portable devices to be held in the hands. 9-inch screens are a bit large, but there are smaller sizes without too much impact on ease of reading. Ereaders have touch interfaces or buttons to scroll through the pages. The physical keys are more precise but bulky and less and less used on the new models on sale in stores.

L’autonomy of the ereaders it is very high even if the models with web browsing and wifi consume more. Almost all ebook readers have enough memory to store thousands of books. The price is an important aspect and does not end with the purchase of the reader, but it concerns the possibility of buying digital books or downloading them for free in the supported formats.

Benefits of ebook readers

Reading quality, autonomy and lightness are the characteristics of the best ebook readers to convince reading enthusiasts to leave the paper. The advantages of digital books over traditional ones are evident in terms of convenience. As far as ergonomics are concerned, there are interfaces with which to turn the page with buttons that emulate the need for physicality. Users of ereaders love the ability to have thousands of titles available in a device much smaller than a print book.

Extreme comfort and ease of use are among the main advantages of ebook readers even for those who travel often or read texts for work. Another key feature is the illumination of the pages that allows you to read novels even in low light or in the dark. Those with low vision and reading difficulties can benefit greatly from reading e-books using various text sizes and line spacing. The comprehension and reading speed of the text in those with dyslexia is also much greater.

THE benefits of ebook readers they are especially evident for young people and students, the most likely to abandon paper books. Older readers who continue to prefer paper may have to contend with the nostalgia factor and preferences developed in a lifetime. Memories of visual learning coupled with the look, smell and feel of a classic hand-held book are very difficult to let go of and beyond.

There light of ebook readers it may be annoying before bed even though electronic ink does not strain the eyes like tablets. Several studies also point out that reading on paper improves the brain’s ability to memorize information. Following the text with your finger and turning the pages of paper helps the reader in understanding the text, providing a greater ability to process the narrative. To solve this problem many ebook readers have implemented physical keys to navigate the pages of the book.

Tablet vs ereader

Tablets can also be used to read digital books and there are those who think that the iPad is the best electronic reading tool. Is it necessary to buy a specific ereader to read ebooks or is the tablet enough? It depends on the main use you want to make of it and how much you want to spend. The two devices are similar but have quite different characteristics because they are designed for different uses.

Tablets have a higher definition color monitor for viewing videos, photos and browsing the web. They perform the normal functions of PCs thanks to hundreds of apps to download for free or for a fee. THE digital ebook readers instead they have a black and white monitor but are much lighter, smaller and cheaper. They can also have mechanical keys for navigating between the pages of the book, they are less eye-straining and have a much greater autonomy. A single charge lasts over a month against the few hours of tablets. Finally, the difference between tablet vs ereader is in the price which, at the same level, can be two or three times lower in the second case.

Digital book formats

THE ebook readers they can read various formats of digital books, different from one model to another. When deciding to buy an ereader, in addition to price, features and screen size, you need to pay attention to what formats are supported. By purchasing a model with great compatibility, it will be less difficult to buy ebooks and save money or to find them for free on the net. When downloading electronic books, attention must be paid to DRMs, that is, the protections existing on files to protect them from digital piracy.

Between ebook reader formats the most widespread and popular are Pdf, Epub, Txt and Awz. Pdf is a format used in all ereaders but also in the workplace with a PC or smartphone to save documents. It can contain images and variations in the style of the characters and in the pagination while preserving the original layout of the book and its size. A PDF text-only novel of A4 format can also be read on small 5 or 6 inch screens with some limitations.

ePub was created specifically for e-books from the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) and is supported by all ereader producers. The text can be formatted and divided into chapters. The advantage over the pdf is that the fonts change according to the screen used allowing an optimal reading on all devices of any size ereader, tablet, pc or smartphone.

Txt is a text format saved with windows pc using notepad. The .txt extension is therefore not a specific format for ereader also because it contains only characters, numbers and punctuation of equal size. Furthermore, the text is not divided into paragraphs and chapters. However, this format is read by all readers on the market. AZW is Amazon’s format that sells e-books online for reading with the best-selling Kindle reader.

Brands of ebook readers

Amazon was the first to focus on ebooks and its readers are considered among the best around. Kindles are simple and innovative devices with a low cost with an ink screen that gives the same resolution effect as printed paper. They have an asymmetrical design that favors the user in maneuvering and supporting the ebook reader with one hand. The weight is discharged on the wrist and can be used for hours, without feeling the slightest fatigue.

Autonomy is a great one advantage of Kindles: with the integrated system a charge can last months. Among the accessories there are colored removable leather cases that are perfectly welded to the ereaders thanks to a series of invisible magnets. Inside there is also a second battery to recharge the ebook reader when it is stored and even a small photovoltaic panel ready to make the most of the solar energy that is stored and used when needed.

There are several Kindle models different in size and weight, ease of reading and other characteristics. In addition to Amazon’s ebook readers, other manufacturers sell top-notch models. Pocketbook is a Swiss brand that focuses on lightness of design, autonomy and reading quality. Bookeen creates some of the thinnest devices in the world for simple and intuitive use, with a system for optimizing contrast quality without causing eye strain.

Kobo are the high-contrast ereaders sold by Mondadori, with excellent battery life and low price. Tolino are German built digital book readers that include a number of interesting features. In addition to being water resistant, they offer crisp text reading with optimized fonts and e-Inkl screen. An innovative system allows you to browse pages and enlarge text and images.

Electronic ink tablet

In the challenge between ebook readers there is a e-ink Tablet in giant 13.3-inch format presented by Sony. Called Digital Paper it is an A4 sheet of electronic paper which in addition to being used to read texts or books like a normal ereader, can be used for writing and taking notes. This tablet with a thickness of 30 sheets of paper (5.9 mm), a weight of only 349 grams, always connected to the network, in the idea of ​​its manufacturers would be the ideal substitute for sheets of paper with a view to sustainability.

In addition to large screen format 13.3-inch with a high-contrast resolution of 1,650 x 2,200 pixels, this electronic ink tablet has 16 Giga of memory to store up to 10,000 books and notes. For writing, it comes with a special stylus, while the screen with a special non-slip texture imitates the surface of a sheet of paper making writing easier and more natural. The rechargeable battery allows 3 weeks of use in different study or work situations, with 7 preset modes.

Comparison ebook reader

THE ebook readers they have reached an excellent technological level and new better models are always coming out in terms of visual quality or in terms of lightness and performance. If you have decided to leave the paper for digital books, all that remains is to choose the best ereader for sale. Below we have collected a series of resources that put all the best ebook readers in comparison to evaluate prices and features such as size, resolution, brightness, battery life and technology used.

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