Bologna-Rome flight: 28 hours of hell. “We abandoned overnight at the airport, missed connections and Covid risk”

Bologna-Rome flight: 28 hours of hell.  "We abandoned overnight at the airport, missed connections and Covid risk"

It was supposed to be a 54-minute flight, it turned into an odyssey that for some took up to 28 hours. It is the misfortune of 18 travelers (others have decided to return home to the capital of Emilia Romagna, ed) ended up sleeping on the ground at Marconi airport. Their Ita Bologna-Rome flight on Saturday 4 June at 3.15 pm was already in the taxiing phase when a control light came on.

Technical issue. The commander has decided to return to the parking lot. For travelers, 24 hours have begun to forget. Once she arrived home, a passenger also tested positive for Covid.

Silvia Dessì arrived in Cagliari at 12.30 the next day and says: “Immediately after disembarking, we found ourselves in a room at the airport where it was impossible to keep a safe distance and we could not go out because we needed a bar code that we didn’t have. I don’t deny that I’m worried. A cluster is the last gift I expect from Ita. ” When the passengers got off the plane, an airport stewardess handed each one a green ticket with “Transfer” written on it. “We thought, wrongly, that it was the pass for the next flight. Instead we found ourselves first in that room, then finally we went out and at the info point and then at the ticket offices no one could help us to be re-protected on other flights. after our flight was not yet canceled At check-in – he tells Republic Silvia Dessì, who went to a lawyer for damages – we were guaranteed that we would have a hotel room.

They even asked us who wanted the single and who the double. But then we were told that there were no hotels available. “The Ligabue concert and another event in the city would have sold out in the hotels. At that point, it was already 20.30, the unfortunate travelers took a seat on the boarding chairs.

“We had a voucher to eat. I ended up sleeping on the floor like other friends in misfortune. But then no one assisted us and gave us refreshments except a little water”, continues Silvia, spokesperson for the group of passengers. who also created a Whatsapp group to discuss the refund to be requested.

On the morning of Sunday 5 June, passengers finally returned to board a plane. But around the corner for someone there was a joke. “The flight was supposed to leave at 6.30 but took off at 7 and there are those who missed the connection from Fiumicino to Palermo and Olbia”, explains Silvia Dessì. And so a passenger from Palermo arrived home at 12.30 and one from Olbia even touched Sardinian soil at 17.30.

Another traveler, a Brazilian man, on the other hand, decided to shell out 3,500 euros out of his own pocket and pay for a plane that would take him back to Brazil. “The ticket offered by Ita – Silvia reconstructs – involved too many stopovers and that gentleman got impatient”. A young tennis player from Brindisi, who arrived in her city at 15.30, lost the match against her opponent. Most likely, spending the night on the ground was not the best rest for the sportswoman.

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