Algae, because they are treasures for cosmetics and skincare – iO Donna

Algae, because they are treasures for cosmetics and skincare - iO Donna

Land algae, treasures of the seas, represent a real cosmetic wealth, at the center of attention in the world of beauty. Not only in the context of thalassotherapy, a practice known for thousands of years, but also in the formulations of creams and serums. There World Oceans Daytoday June 8is the pretext to get to know theirs better countless benefits.

Algae, treasures in cosmetics and skincare

The Mediterranean is the heart of the so-called “Blue Economy”, that is a source – not infinite – of precious biological, mineral and food resources. And cosmeticprimarily thanks to algaeportentous allies of beauty.


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Over two billion years old, the algae are the first living things that appeared in the primeval ocean, which makes them very rich in virtues and properties.

In recent years the world of beauty has drawn from them beyond 12 thousand new molecules for cosmetic use. Their particular composition makes them in fact very rich in mineral saltstrace elements, vitamins and calcium, amino acids and antioxidants.

They also feature an interesting protective outer membrane, another source of cosmetic breakthroughs.

The cosmetic functions of algae: sebum-regulating

There are 13 varieties of algae most used in cosmetics for their active ingredients. In particular, these marine treasures take care of the skin from different points of view, and depending on the type.

Spirulina algae is the most powerful sebum regulator. It is no coincidence that it is used in many cleansers and face masks. It is in fact able to regulate sebaceous production and reduce the appearance of imperfections.

Red algae, anti-aging

Red algae instead they are allies anti age: they contain Omega 3 and amino acids that counteract the appearance of free radicals and nourish the collagen and elastin fibers, carrying out a recompacting action.

The yellow seaweed, antioxidant

The yellow seaweedin particular the Laminaria Ochrolruca, but also L’Alaria Esculenta discovered among the glaciers of Greenland, it is the richest in folic acid and vitamin E. Strongly antioxidantis able to reinforce not only the skin barrier from environmental damage but also the collagen already damaged.

Sea on the skin: the benefits of salt water

Sea on the skin: the benefits of salt water

The restorative properties are due to the particular nature of these organisms, capable of adapt to the most extreme living conditions and toself-regenerate quickly.

Furthermore, their composition is very similar to the skin, allowing the active ingredients to quickly penetrate the skin, accelerating their action on free radicals, wrinkles and toxins.

Black seaweed for the body

Algae are also widely used in anti-cellulite products. In this case, the most suitable type is theblack seaweed: rich in iodine and flavonoids, it helps regulate metabolism and reactivates the microcirculation by eliminating toxic substances. All thanks to fucoxanthin, lipolytic and draining.

Warning: avoid if you suffer from hyperthyroidism, as it stimulates the activity of the thyroid.

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The coral seaweed in the sunscreens

Finally, the coral seaweed is an ally of solar formulas: several studies have confirmed that 80% (versus 49% of other species) of the cells of this particular alga are able to self protect yourself from the sun.

Sufficient as reasons to define the seaweed heritage of beauty for the skin?


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