• June 8, 2023

5 tips for a good detox in the summer

R.emise-en-forme giving a shock to the metabolism and restarting the body: here are the secrets for a perfect summer detox

There are only a few days left until the summer season arrives and many people want to give their metabolism a move, there are those who want to lose a few kg, those who simply deflate and those who want to start eating healthy again by taking advantage of the delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables. In this article we reveal to you 5 tips for a good detox in the summer.

Maintain good hydration

Especially in summer, with the arrival of heat, have an optimal dose of hydration is critical. Beyond drink water, you can make sure that your body takes in liquids also thanks to herbal teas or infusions. Try to keep sugar intake under controlbut otherwise green light to the imagination.

Stay hydrated it passes not only from the inside, drinking enough water and liquids, but also from the outside. It is the right time to do a scrub, so as to remove dead cells and restart face and body with good hydration thanks to a mask and cream.

Diet healthy but do not fast

The detox is not only used to lose weight but also to feel better; many people confuse the concept of detox with that of starving; nothing more wrong. A good balanced detox does not make you feel hungry And has all the macronutrients you need to live healthily. Do not eliminate carbohydrates or proteins, try to prefer a healthy and balanced style of ita and if you have any doubts, contact a specialized nutritionist who can assist you in this delicate operation.

Besides what to eat is also the quantity is important; in addition to taking a good intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, we recommend not skipping meals and harness the power of snacks. Making sure that the body is nourished constantly does not make you fat … quite the opposite! Please note that the food is our fuel.

Not just animal proteins

A great summer detox might also include a more varied menu; an excellent choice could be not to abuse animal proteins trying to prefer some vegetables. THE legumes not only do they have a high protein content but they are also excellent for their many properties; in this way you can afford not to always use meat, fish or eggs but to vary the diet a lot.

Varying doesn’t just help you with mood a maintain a detox diet for longer but it also helps you to make everything your body needs.

Enter daily sports activity

We are not talking about intense workouts, you can also just walk or other activities that stimulate you. Play sports or have a more active lifestyle it helps you make the detox have a lot more effect.

In the summer, spending time outdoors is definitely more pleasant; in addition, the long days and the greater hours of light make people have more desire to do walks in the parks or maybe start practicing sports. This habit, once taken, ensures that the production of endorphins is constant and it will be easier to continue even in the autumn with the gym.

The importance of sleep in detox in the summer

We know you probably too live a busy life; this leads you to sacrifice hours of sleep. Many people manage to fit family life, work life and even social life but it is inevitable that something will fail.

Often it is the hours of sleep that are cut but are we sure it is the best choice? The answer is no. Detox in the summer suggests you to have a constant sleep-wake rhythm.

The benefits of detox in the summer

Winter rhymes with a sedentary lifestyle; there is little to do: despite the thousand good intentions almost every year we find ourselves living the cold season staying at home.

To add to the sedentary lifestyle we find then foods higher in caloriesa diet that is not always regular e not always constant physical activity. This has led to our bodies losing muscle tone and needing one detoxification operation.

The remise en forme operation that many women start to operate towards the end of Mayin view of the swimsuit test, it should be associated with a healthy and balanced lifestyle all year round to avoid the yo-yo effect but we can tell you with certainty that detox in summer is an excellent solution to ensure eliminate excess fluids but also toxins and waste by finding a new balance.

Why do many doctors and nutritionists recommend a detox diet? A detox diet is able to give a right reset to our body which, thanks to a good intake of fruit and vegetables, manages to clean up.

Among the main benefits we find a skin improvement that will be brighter and with a healthier complexion, making sure that acne and imperfections are eliminated but that’s not all. there are also excellent benefits with regards to liquids that are drained more easily.

Beyond that we can notice a improved concentration, so much so that those who detox define themselves as not only more energetic but also more active mentally. We can say that the main effect is precisely that of giving a general jolt to the body that not only deflates and reshapes itself but gets back into motion at 360 degrees.

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