What is the best way to store Italian wine? – PinkItalia

What is the best way to store Italian wine?  - PinkItalia

Wine is a very delicate drink and, therefore, if you want it to keep for a long time, it must be positioned appropriately. The best way to ensure that the wine ages naturally (where possible) is through a cellar, that is a room not illuminated by the sun and that has an adequate temperature to avoid negative transformations in the drink.

Just think, for example, of the large producers who, after making their own labels, leave the wine to refine for years before selling it, both in barrels and in bottles, depending on the type of drink. Below I will describe some of the correct behaviors for storing your bottles, perhaps using a special cellar such as those sold on cantinettavino.it.

How to place the bottles?

You have just bought a bottle of wine but you don’t want to consume it immediately, you want to let it refine a bit and maybe uncork it only during a special event. By virtue of this, are you wondering how it is best to position the bottle, perhaps vertically? Or horizontally? The answer is very simple: if the bottle has a cork, it must always be positioned horizontally. I’ll also briefly explain the reason, since the cork dries and shrinks over time, this behavior could cause air to penetrate inside the bottle, thus compromising the drink inside in the long run. If, on the other hand, the bottle is positioned horizontally, the wine will always be in contact with the cork, keeping it moist enough to avoid oxidation. Sometimes this practice leads users to think that the wine tastes “corked”, but this is an upstream problem, ie during bottling and has nothing to do with conservation.

Light and temperature

It goes without saying that the bottles must not be hit by direct sunlight, which can give rise to chemical reactions that alter their organoleptic properties. First of all it loses its color, for example a delicate white wine will appear pale yellow in color when exposed to sunlight, UV and even artificial ones. As for the temperature, however, this must oscillate between 11 and 18 degrees, there must also be no significant temperature changes. The humidity level also plays a fundamental role and must be between 60 and 80%.

Odors can also create problems

If you place your bottles in the cellar or in a cupboard where you also store other foods, pay particular attention to this step. You must know that bottles with cork stoppers can also be attacked by unpleasant odors (let’s take for example onion, garlic but not only): this can in the long run become soaked and slowly make its way to the wine, compromising its organoleptic properties and completely transforming all of them. the characteristics of the bottle. The result? The wine will be completely thrown away! So remember to keep the wine isolated from other products to avoid this inconvenience.

Where can I keep the wine?

After having listed the main tricks for storing wine, you realized that you do not have an adequate place for the purpose, and therefore now you are there to struggle in search of a solution. Don’t think further, I’ll solve the problem for you: all you need is a double or single wine cellar. The wine cellar is a sort of refrigerator in which you can place all your bottles, in some cases maintaining different temperatures based on the compartment chosen: a godsend for those who have several wines to keep, both white and red. Furthermore, it is not a question of simple appliances, but a real design choice to furnish your apartment. Most of the wine cellars sold online are elegant and designed to best fit even in small rooms. In short, you don’t necessarily have to give up wine just because maybe you live in a single store

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