Vanessa Incontrada victim (again) of body shaming on social media – iO Donna

Vanessa Incontrada victim (again) of body shaming on social media - iO Donna

V.anessa Incontrada criticized for the umpteenth time on social media. And the reason is always the same: her body. This time – to raise criticisms and comments – it was enough a shot in which she is engaged in a race, since essentially a woman openly at peace with her curves has no right to take care of herself.

Vanessa Incontrada and the start of the controversy

A black and white photo in which she is portrayed in a sports outfit while she is running. This is the shot of the controversy: a photo apparently like many others, in which a woman is doing physical training to keep fit or simply for pleasure, and which instead becomes an instrument of body shaming. Because among the comments there are those who ask why a woman who has made body positivity her mission has had herself portrayed while running.

And who, even, why he didn’t start running earlier to spare the hater comments.

You too like all of them

“Vanessa, you too?” Photographed while running!?!? A myth collapses»Writes a user. “You too like all of them», The comment of another to the fact that many stars love to share the workouts with which they keep fit on social networks. But there are those who go further: “I adore Vanessa through and through, but this photo is old, rather dated. Probably fed up with the constant criticism she will have wanted to post this photo that shows her sporty and fit“.

vanessa incontrada venice

The actress at the Venice Film Festival in 2020. (Getty Images)

And again: «He is certainly doing very well to keep fit. Sport is health “, pointing however the finger:”Did a media battle over the freedom to be who you are, as you wish, on inner beauty versus body shaming, who did not want to lose weight and accepted himself so and now what do you do? Diet and training? Good good for her. Had she done it before, she would have spared insults and controversies and gained health from every point of view. “ Harsh words that speak volumes on how difficult it is to fight prejudices and stereotypes, especially on social networks.

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Vanessa Incontrada,

Vanessa Incontrada,

Paladin of body positivity

Vanessa Incontrada has become an example of body positivity. Criticized for her soft curves, she posed naked for the cover of Vanity Fair shouting her point of view to the world: “No one can judge me”, the actress said. That she has suffered for years from constant criticism of her body. A body that she then she has learned to love and respect, inviting everyone to do the same. Even practicing sports and with a simple run. This was the real meaning of his post.


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