• June 8, 2023

The things you should never say to Cancerians

C.Here are some things you should never say – in any way – to Cancerians: a list to make no mistake!

Water sign and fourth among the Zodiac signsthe Cancer has a strong sensitivity and empathy. You have many super powers, from the ability to read the expressions and feelings of others, to that of interpreting events in a different key. He loves family and home, that’s why he has a great solidity of feelings and, if you manage to conquer him, this sign will give you yours… forever!

The characteristics of the sign

There is something extraordinary and unique about Cancer’s sensitivity. A sign that is always tuned to emotions and characterized by great intuition. He knows if someone he loves is in trouble, he senses if something is going to happen and is always ready for action. Powerful vibrations are at the center of the existence of this sign of the Zodiac that cannot hide anything, from discomfort to extreme happiness.

Mistakes not to make

The marked sensitivity of Cancer means that this sign must always be taken with … the pliers! Those born under this sign do not like criticism very much, especially if it concerns the family and have a large, indeed very large, touchy component. Advice is also banned, because it would trigger not only anxiety, but also a feeling of paranoia to the idea of ​​not knowing what is right and what is wrong anymore.

So when you relate to a Cancer there are some things that should never, ever be said. Not to hurt the sensitivity of this sign, but also to be able to conquer it and enter the sphere of his affections without any problem. An undertaking that is anything but simple.

Do so!

When Cancer has a choice to make, they may ask you for advice. But be careful: he does not want impositions, but prefers to be given various options to decide on. Only in this way will he feel he has kept control.

It is not a tragedy

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac, but also one of the most… melodramatic. For those born under these stars it is absolutely normal to experience every event with great intensity. Woe to belittle what he feels, he would be very offended and accuse you of having little tact.

What are you complaining about?

Complaining is one among the moods of Cancer. He doesn’t do it maliciously, it’s just his way of doing him. In short: the complaint is part of his daily life. She doesn’t do it maliciously, but with a natural inclination, so don’t let her know. After the series of daily complaints she will abandon the negativity to go back to living with sprint.

Go ahead, come on!

If there’s one thing Cancer can’t stand it’s wrong. If you happen to hurt a person of this sign or of make him a rude, know that he will never forget it! It is useless to ask her to move on – especially in words – it will take facts, not sentences, to allow him to change his mind.

Open up more!

The appeal of Cancer lies in its tendency to open up over time. It is not granted to everyone, but it has specific needs and is granted to very few. If you are lucky you will discover its sensitivity and its strength, but do not in any way force the times and don’t ask him to do more. The risk of making Cancer close even more hedgehog!

Either me or your family!

Affects are essential for Cancer. The family for this sign is the center of everything. Which is why you should never try to distance Cancer from loved ones. One choice would put the mark against the wall, causing many problems and a sense of blackmail that is difficult to overcome!

Give me more space

Cancer loves in a strong and intense way, which is why they know no half measures. Feelings for this sign of the Zodiac are something to be fully experienced. This is why he does not conceive of the idea of ​​having to leave room for someone or to walk away. Such a request would be perceived as a difficult wound to heal.

Come on, say something !?

Cancer often struggles to express their complex interiority, especially when faced with other people. This is why you should never, ever involve this sign when you are in a group, turning on the spotlight and asking him to speak: he would never forgive you!

You worry too much!

Worrying is part of the lifestyle of Cancer. Asking him not to feel anxious would be sacrilege, like ordering him to stop breathing! Worry is a constant for this sign, so he wouldn’t understand a different existence in any way. Rather, he learns to appreciate this side which reveals, even more, his great emotionality, a double-edged sword for himself and for others.


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