• May 29, 2023

The bonuses that can be used even if the condominium cannot do the coat

Still a short time to go have the Superbonus for those who want to redevelop the house from the point of view of energy consumption, but live in a bound condominium in which insulation interventions are not possible. In this situation it is sufficient to obtain the jump of two energy classes only for your own apartment, but the same deadlines apply as for the villas, so it will be possible to take advantage of the 110% deduction until the end of the year provided that the 30% of the works.

When the coat cannot be done

In general, the buildings for which external insulation is not possible are all those built before 1945, as they are among the “historic” buildings. Even when the Fine Arts constraint is not present, there are generally restrictions at the municipal level that prevent intervention in order not to alter the architectural decor. For this reason, the law allows individual owners to have the maximum deduction by carrying out only “towed” interventions, ie all those who give straight to the eco-bonus. It is a mix of non-invasive interventions and the result is always guaranteed when there is no central heating system.

The green taxman

With the smart column charging electric cars and motorcycles costs less

by Antonella Donati

How much you save by changing the boiler

Replacing the boiler, in fact, already in itself involves a big advantage especially when starting from the energy class G, which is the lowest one in which period houses are usually found on which no work has been done in the last years. In fact, it is not uncommon in these situations to find boilers that are at least 15 years old. It is clear in this situation that being able to have the new boiler for free, thanks to the Superbonus, the intervention is decidedly advantageous. It is possible to see the savings in terms of consumption that can be obtained with these operations by taking advantage of the test developed by Enea, 4ECasa, which allows you to discover the level of your consumption compared to that of a recent building, with the same characteristics and in the same location, but built with efficiency criteria.

Air conditioners instead of gas

In a period building it is difficult to hypothesize to be able to replace the gas system with air conditioners, given that the architectural decoration must be respected, and the maximum saving by switching to the heat pump is obtained when the system can be combined with the panels solar. When it is not possible to replace the boiler with air conditioners, you can still count on the 50% bonus to purchase the latter, which if used well still reduce the use of gas. You can then take advantage of this deduction to also have the mobile bonus.

New shutters and building automation

The installation of new blackout closures, on the other hand, is part of the Superbonus, as it is an intervention that ordinarily benefits from the eco-bonus. Taking advantage of the shutters and leaving the house in the shade during the day, however, according to Enea data, allows you to save up to 25% on the use of electricity for cooling. Another of the interventions that help the passage of class, then, is the installation of the systems building automationbones all those that allow the remote control of the implants and their programming.

Green tax

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by Antonella Donati

How to do the calculations for the Superbonus

In order to have the Superbonus until the end of the year, at least 30% of the total intervention must be completed by September. The count, however, includes all the works that are intended to be carried out, not only those for which the Superbonus is requested. So if the idea is to proceed with an overall restructuring, it is worthwhile to start all the interventions immediately.

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