• May 28, 2023

Stop to petrol and diesel cars from 2035, European majority split

European majority split on the vote for the Fit For 55 climate package, which also contains a ban on the sale of cars with combustion engines by 2035. “The auto industry has made its choice and it should not be confused, as it is already agree on electric mobility for cars and commercial vehicles “, said the Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, in the debate in the European Parliament on the Fit for 55 package, which will be voted on tomorrow in plenary.

“Do not delay 2035” as the year of entry into force of the ban on the sale of cars with combustion engines, Timmermans asked the parliamentarians, because “what the industry wants is clarity, predictability and reliability, so let’s not mystify things and we do not introduce the idea that in the future there may also be clean fuels “.

Timmermans called the EPP amendment against the stop to 2035 “a mess”. The reference is to an amendment presented by the European People’s Party (EPP) group asking for CO2 emissions to be raised to 90% instead of 100% of new cars by 2035.

The position of the EPP was explained by the president of the group Manfred Weber. The EU, he said, “is the world leader in the automotive industry, we must face the transition without losing competitiveness, which is why we are against the ideological approach” which provides for the stop of petrol and diesel cars from 2035.

EU: stop on the sale of fossil fuel vehicles from 2035 and lower CO2 emissions ceilings

by Vincenzo Foti

The EPP has presented an amendment that leaves a margin of 10% for the sales of cars that emit CO2 in 2035. “It is not up to politicians to decide on technologies – said Weber – but to engineers, the market and consumers, for this reason we are not agree to ban a technology “.

On the contrary, according to the MEP from the Greens, Anna Grunenberg, “we must have the courage to eliminate traditional engines from 2035, but we still do not have clear indications on how the Member States intend to act”.

The European Conservative MEP (Ecr), Jadwiga Wisniewska, instead called for a review of the package in light of the effects of the conflict in Ukraine: “We have to ask ourselves whether this Fit for 55 package is still capable of responding to all the challenges. It was was thought before the outbreak of the war “.

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