Salvini: “FdI has chosen to divide the center-right and go alone in some municipalities”. Meloni: “More prudence in words”

Salvini: "FdI has chosen to divide the center-right and go alone in some municipalities".  Meloni: "More prudence in words"

Here we go again: Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni they return to discuss from a distance. This time about ten days before the administrative. And it was precisely from the elections that the back and forth between the two allied leaders of the same coalition began. Which lately – or rather since January with the election of the President of the Republic – maintain cold relations and do not always share the same battles, as the return to Ukraine. “I work to unite – Salvini said yesterday, a guest at the Fourth Republic – In some municipality the Brothers of Italy have chosen to divide the center-right and go alone. “.

Lega, Salvini tries to relaunch and clings to the past: “Let’s go back to Pontida”

by our correspondent Brunella Giovara

Today Meloni’s reply arrived on time: “It seems to me a somewhat distorted reading, frankly. There are some Municipalities in which Fratelli d’Italia has made a choice other than Lega and Forza Italia, Municipalities in which the League has made a different choice and Municipalities in which Forza Italia has made a different choice. I do not think we can deal with issues like this – he added – In some cases we have not been able (to have a coalition candidate, ed) for reasons that are territorial, or even relationships. In some cities we have not been able to find a square, but I do not think it is due to the responsibility of the Brothers of Italy. Furniture expo.

Meloni gave some examples: “So someone tell me about Forza Italia in Verona or about the Lega in Messina, because I’m supporting a Forza Italia candidate and they have made another choice with De Luca. I don’t think they can negotiate. the issues like this. In some cases we have not succeeded for reasons that are territorial, also of relationships. The territorial reasons are complex “.

Nonetheless, the leader of FdI does not seem worried about the coalitions, including her own. “I don’t see particular earthquakes. After that it seems to me that the center-right is absolutely in the game for the others I can’t say. Let’s say that the earthquake is easier when the foundations are not solid, so we stay together for interest, simply to make agreements and maintaining armchairs is easier to collapse at the first difficulty – he added – When, like the center-right, beyond the difficulties, one stays together for vision compatibility, it is much easier to keep those foundations solid and, therefore, to keep standing the palace”.

From the administrative to the policies of 2023. The word then passed to Salvini. Who will be the next prime minister if the center-right wins? “Whoever takes one more vote will indicate the prime minister, if he takes it the Lega will take responsibility for the case”. What if it was Giorgia Meloni? “Whoever takes one more vote in democracy wins”, he reiterated. And on the growth of FdI he added: “My opponents are on the left.
Giorgia has chosen the path of opposition and this legitimate choice pays more in the short term than being in government with Letta, Renzi and Conte. But I, the opposition League that grows in the polls and leaves the left field free to raise taxes, did not want it. “

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