• June 8, 2023

Rhinofiller or liquid rhinoplasty, to correct the nose without a scalpel – iO Donna

C.on more than 75 million views to the hashtag #liquidrhinoplasty on TikTok, there Liquid Rhinoplasty or Rinofiller it is very trendy. «It is a procedure that allows you to to refine one’s profile without the invasiveness of surgery»Specifies the Professor Sergio Noviello, cosmetic surgeon, director of Milano Estetica. How does it work.

Rhinofiller or liquid rhinoplasty, how to reshape the nose without a scalpel

The rhinofiller, adds the expert, «allows you to intervene on small imperfections of the nose, softening the profile in a few minutes. The whole without a definitive result thus allowing to returnif desired, to the initial situation “.

And it is precisely this feature that is the great advantage of the procedure. As Prof. Noviello explains, in this particular area of ​​the face the filler has a greater resistance than all other treatments. In some cases it can last up to 18 months “.


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Thanks to the BAT Technique, Bloodless Atraumatic Techniquenot only is it intervened in an extremely precise way but it also occurs very few undesirable effects in the post treatment. «There is in fact a drastic reduction in the possibility of bruising and swelling both in the correction of a face defect and in erasing the signs of aging because it is a safe and painless procedure“.

How it works: hyaluronic acid injections in the bridge of the nose

Non-surgical intervention, liquid rhinoplasty consists in injecting hyaluronic acid fillers in specific points of the nose according to the imperfection that you want to correct.

“At the root of the nose to mitigate a hump, on the back if the nose is saddle-shaped, or with a line that falls, at the tip if you want to get more definition and an increase in projection”.

Side effects and risks

A procedure conceived in recent years and which at the beginning could have side effects and complications. «Today, however, it is better comitted the clinical anatomy of the area and the technique was perfected, with satisfactory results and rare side effects »explains the professor.

For example, “the hyaluronic acid used must be of low hygroscopicity, that is, it must not recall water, thus avoiding the contraindication of swelling”.

Furthermore, «Attention must be paid to the delicate and specific vascular anatomy of the nose to avoid complications. It is vital to do one in-depth visit and rely on experienced professionals“.

Rhinoplasty before and after, it is boom on social networks

The great success of Liquid Rhinoplasty is also due to social networks: «NIn recent years, the age of patients requiring treatment has lowered: the Rinofiller is popular among the very young, in particular it is in great demand among the twenty-year-olds “.

Face liposuction, all about the slimming and anti-aging procedure

Face liposuction, all about the slimming and anti-aging procedure

«You like it because it can contribute to the growth of self-esteem and greater security in relationships with others. It is a way to temporarily improve the aesthetics of the nose and can also be a way to evaluate a possible definitive intervention in adulthood »explains the expert.

Who is it recommended for?

To those who have specific defects in the nose, an element that strongly characterizes the overall image of a person’s face.

«The Rinofiller can be assimilated to a surgical intervention reducing however almost to a minimum the risk of patient dissatisfaction “.

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“In fact, we proceed step by step, giving the patient an idea of ​​how the result could be after a definitive intervention, but in a reversible way »concludes the expert. The cost? D.from 450 euros to 600 euros.


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