Open letter from Miccoli: “I made a mistake, but I don’t belong to that world”

Open letter from Miccoli: "I made a mistake, but I don't belong to that world"

“Twelve years ago I made a big mistake. One of those that change your life. I had everything. I was the captain of Palermo, I did the job I had always dreamed of doing since I was a child and the people of Palermo made me feel at home . I have always preferred silence. I have read everything but I have never replied “.

Thus begins a long post on Instagram in which Fabrizio Miccoli, former captain of Palermo, definitively convicted of extortion aggravated by the mafia method, takes a stand on his legal events and on the sentence recorded during an interception on judge Giovanni Falcone. “When you are a footballer in Serie A you have a lot of attention – continues Miccoli – many people want a piece of you. Many know you but you don’t know anyone. You don’t know who you can trust. In reality I made more than one mistake. the first was to always be available to everyone. The second was to use the wrong words, which I never thought and never will think. Often when you are at the top you feel invincible, instead you are only human. I apologized for those long ago words and I do it again. ”

Miccoli, the rise and fall of a football star from criminal friendships

by Massimo Norrito

On the sentence of three years and six months, Miccoli, now released from prison and in probation, writes that he never shared it “because I felt distant and far from that world, but – he stresses – I respected it by presenting myself spontaneously the following day in a maximum security prison, again by choice of mine, to serve my sentence. One day in there it seems infinite, 6-7 months an eternity. The greatest sentence – observes the former football player – I obvious in these 12 years, every day, in seeing myself approached to something that I am not and that does not belong to me. A few weeks ago I returned to freedom. I do not ask to be understood, I do not ask that what happened is forgotten. this is what I want to achieve with this letter. I just want, after 12 long years, to clarify my position, to have my own instead of having others say it “.

Mafia: Fabrizio Miccoli asks to be released from prison and probation

Miccoli thanks the family, the lawyers Antonio Savoia and Giulia Solenni and “my fans who in recent years have not asked for explanations, have supported me and showed a love and affection that I never would have thought”. “I am almost 43 years old and – he concludes – I hope to recover and show the real Fabrizio Miccoli”.

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