• June 8, 2023

No progress with workouts? The mistakes you are making

T.do you train a lot, but with little results? The problem could be a mistake that many (or even more) make

Every day you play sports, you never miss a appointment at the gym or run often: why don’t you make any progress in your workouts? You may not have noticed, but you may have made some mistakes during the workout that prevent you from improve your body.

From the little warm-up to the wrong diet, passing through the consumption of little water and the wrong movements: all the mistakes you (probably) make and that prevent you from giving your best in the gym, putting at risk the results you have long dreamed of obtaining.

You are not getting enough sleep

Indulge in the right hours of sleep it is essential to regenerate the body and perform daily physical activity in the best possible way. If you find yourself tired in the morning why you stayed up late not only will you not want to play sports, but your body will not react in the right way. Not only that: sleeping little can cause, according to scientific studies, a greater consumption of particularly caloric foods that can destroy all your training.

You consume little protein

Protein is essential when you train and is essential not just for the muscles. Some research has shown that most of the calories that are consumed in the course of digestion come from protein. Precisely for this reason it would be better to include proteins in your diet instead of foods rich in fatto allow the body to burn more calories.

Skip meals

If you skip meals you will certainly struggle to get it progress in training. We are often led to think that if we don’t eat lunch or dinner, the sport we have practiced will have greater effect. Nothing more wrong! After a loosening, especially if intense, it would be preferable to eat a healthy meal so that you can give back to your body all the nutrients you need and that you have consumed.

You don’t warm up

If you start physical activity and forget the warm-up, you are making a mistake. Often it can happen, due to the short time available, to leave out this phase which, in reality, is very important. Warming up, in fact, is essential: it allows you to loosen the muscles in the best possible way, awaken the nervous system and make the blood flow better. You can walk or jog or ride a bike for 5 to 10 minutes.

You have bad posture

Training without proper posture is a rather serious problem. It could in fact cause injuries and make progress in vain. For example, if you lift weights it is very important to keep your back very straight, with your shoulders relaxed.

Hold your breath

Breathing is a key aspect of training. Paying close attention is essential and holding your breath is a mistake: it limits the amount of oxygen that can enter the body. Not only that, you also risk fainting. When lift weightson the contrary, you should take a very deep breath, releasing the air as you go through the set.

You work out without having eaten before

Many prefer to train in the morning, after waking up, and on an empty stomach. However, this is a bad habit. In this way, in fact, the body does not receive the energy it needs, so it is forced to “borrow” it from your muscle tissue. The result is obvious: the muscles thin rather than strengthen. Better consume fresh fruit or a nice smoothie to take essential vitamins and minerals.

Do too much cardio

Overdoing it is never good, especially when it comes to cardio. In fact, a high intensity activity can prove to be counterproductive: the body in fact tends to take energy from the muscles. For this it would be better to train by finding a balance between muscle strengthening and a cardio activity.

Do the exercises poorly

Proper execution of the exercises is essential for get good results. Always remember to ask an expert for advice to understand if you are making the right movements. If you make a mistake, you could put your training at risk, making every effort ineffective. Do you use dumbbells or barbells? Mistakes could be even more serious and frequent, so be careful. If in doubt, ask for a consultation.

You don’t drink enough

Staying hydrated is a must in order to improve blood flow and keep the body active during physical activity. Drink before training, then take a few sips every fifteen minutes or so. Finished your workout remember to drink againespecially in the warmer months.

Just do your favorite exercises

Everyone – of course – likes to do the exercises they do best and that are easily performed, but repeating them over and over, without changing your routine, will not help you get back in shape.

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