Matteo Salvini: “School calendar to be reviewed: fewer summer holidays, more breaks during the year”. The masks at the Maturity? “We will appeal to the TAR”

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What will tomorrow be for today’s young people? Certainly the members of Generation Z have very specific ideas on the “To do list” that our political forces should prioritize. Education, environment, work, rights: girls and boys want answers for everything about their future. The “FuZure” format created by together with Binario F – Meta’s community hub dedicated to the development of digital skills in Italy – aims precisely to convey a dialogue with political leaders on the most important issues for the new generations, with the aiming to help young people get ready for the next political elections, an important occasion in which to exercise their constitutional rights.
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To answer the call, this time, was Matteo Salvini, according to whom the boys “I absolutely participate” to political life. “They have questions, suggestions; obviously at the center is the theme of school, work and the environment “. But woe to say that they are “victims” of those who passed before them: “Each generation inherits advantages and problems. I think of when I was a kid: I am from 1973 and therefore, after the legendary 80s, I experienced public debt, Tangentopoli, corruption. So, according to the leader of the League, each generation inherits something positive and something negative to remedy: “This has the theme of the environment, the precariousness of work, the war and the pandemic, but since everyone is the architect of his own destiny, I don’t believe in whiners, whiners and critics “.

With the same decision, moreover, Salvini invites eighteen-year-olds to vote for the referendum of 12 June and for future occasions: “‘To say’ this is not about me ‘is the most wrong reasoning, because you let others decide”. And it increases the dose: “I expect current eighteen or future eighteen year olds to inform themselves, to take responsibility for choosing. Definitely not choosing and staying at home watching what others are doing is a defeat

Environment: aiming for energy autonomy also through nuclear power

Coming to the current issues that are most dear to young people, we cannot fail to mention, as anticipated, global warming and the initiatives in the pipeline to plan a better future. Because saving our planet is indeed a priority for those who will come later, but also for those who will have to remain on earth for a few more years. “It is necessary not to be ideological”, says Salvini, who continues: “We need to have a cleaner environment, yes, but without ideology: so it’s okay to remove coal and remove pollutants, but without putting thousands of jobs at risk and without prejudice to clean energy”. Among these, the Northern League senator gives a very direct example and cites nuclear power: “It is the cleanest and safest energy, even the latest generation does not even produce waste. So hydroelectric is fine, electric scooter is fine, electric cars are fine, solar panels are fine, but by themselves they are not enough. Because it’s not that if there is no wind and no sun, Italy can stop. We need to overcome coal and fossil fuels, but also using nuclear “.

The reference to energy cannot but make us think of the international crisis currently underway: “War – underlines Salvini – it is making us understand that without gas you are not going anywhere. Things must be done gradually, using all the alternative energies there are “ And “Those who say no to nuclear power say no to the future, no to the cleanest energy there is”. Of course, the reference is also to energy autonomy: according to the leader of the League, it is necessary to produce energy in Italy in order to satisfy our needs without being tied to international politics.

School: stabilization of teachers, reform of cycles, too long summer holidays and masks in the classroom

Obviously, however, school and education in general are at the top of the GenZ priority list. Because it is undeniable that much needs to be renewed. On this, Matteo Salvini is very clear: the school must be changed “Starting from the teachers”. Teachers who, as the senator declares, “They are also among the worst paid in Europe”. How to do? First of all by stabilizing those who have been working in classes for years but “Without competing, which otherwise will never end”. Whoever does this job today “Make a mission” he claims, “Basically because, if he does it to get rich, he makes a living”. So, you have to deal with wages: “There is a contract that has been inactive for too many years “.

But the Northern League leader also considers the school cycles and the role of the middle school obsolete, which he would like to review also by looking at other European countries where the upper secondary cycle ends a year earlier. But it is not the only “chronological” element on which the League hopes to be able to intervene in the near future. The school calendar rises on the dock, in particular the long summer holidays that will begin in these days: “The three-month summer vacation is a problem for working parents. There are only in Italy“, Urges Salvini. “This block, this hole, this chasm that if there are no grandparents or you do not have the summer oratory is a mess, it must absolutely be revised.“.
Before the holidays, however, for many students it will be time for the state exams, on which the “mask question” hangs. Leaving the mask mandatory, according to Salvini would be “A huge hogwash”which it does not have “No scientific criteria”. Also, he continues, “We are one of the last countries left in the world that still covers the face of children and teachers for several hours in the classroom today”but “It makes no scientific sense with thirty degrees in the class to force teachers and students to gag, indeed it hurts”.

Therefore the League, announces, will appeal to the TAR, “At least for the Maturity and also for next Sunday’s elections”. Because, he explains, “theoretically if you go to the polling station to vote in the referendum and you have forgotten your mask, they will send you home “ while “As a Milan fan I celebrated with hundreds of thousands of people around Milan, at Vasco’s concerts there are 100,000 people, luckily everywhere people have returned to live and breathe normally. In class no “. For Salvini, therefore, maintaining the obligation to wear a mask would be “an ideological perversion without any scientific reason“. And with regard to education, Salvini also focuses on the enhancement of technical and professional training which, according to him, too many people still consider as “second-class schools”: “There is an extraordinary need for technical and professional skills” – he claims – I would put the limited number to humanistic university faculties and open the scientific ones, such as Medicine or Engineering “.

Work: less taxes for businesses to create more jobs

Training, whether at school or university, aims to train aware citizens but also to prepare them for the world of work. However, to date, it is among the most stringent problems for the under 35s, who struggle between temporary contracts and non-existent salaries: “The problem of work today – says Salvini – it is not just the minimum wage wage but it is the quality and duration of the work. And, in order not to be trivial, I say that above all we need to help those who give work, we need to restart from the company. Since the wages are paid by the entrepreneur, corporate taxes should be reduced: our model is the flat tax, which works in many European countries “ .
And what about the gender gap at the employment level? The problem, according to the number one of the Carroccio, is of a cultural nature: “Just look at how late it is to become a mother in Italy. Because there is a certain culture that certain jobs are for kids. Fortunately, now, there are girls who are very dynamic and making their way. There is some delay, especially culturally, to make up for. But, I repeat, if you cut some taxes on businesses, you will create jobs for young people “.
Also referring to the pension system: “It is clear that if you retire people at 67, obviously those who are 20 will start working a few years later. We need a balanced system, but we can get there ”.

Salvini: civil rights yes, but ideological battles outside the school
“Everyone must be appreciated and respected for who they are. I am the first signatory of a bill that, for example, increases the penalties for those who attack, insult, offend or discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation “Salvini replies when asked to take a stand on the issue of LGBTQ + rights.
The important thing is that the discussion on this topic remains outside the school: “Another ballgame – underlines – is who exploits or who wants to impose a certain ideology. Also speaking of school, I go crazy when someone wants to bring certain topics to the first or second grade school benches. Talking about coitus, penetration, abortion or sexual orientation to children of six or seven seems like a huge hogwash. At seven, let them play and learn how they should do it and mum and dad take care of it ”.

The position is clear also towards those who would like to liberalize soft drugs: “Everyone is free to live as they want but no one will ever convince me that the use, diffusion, cultivation, sale or consumption of certain drugs is good for young people. Drugs are always bad for you, so that’s not a right. If anyone thinks that this is a right that Salvini and the Lega want to recognize, the answer is absolutely no “he concludes.

War in Ukraine, Salvini: bringing the two sides to dialogue

Finally, a reference to the international crisis, on which Salvini comments embittered: “You’re struggling out of two years of a pandemic and then ‘boom’ you fall back into something that I have never experienced so close to home.. When the war broke out, we gave Ukraine all kinds of aid, humanitarian and military. Italy is welcoming almost 150,000 children and women who have fled from Ukraine and it is good, it is sacrosanct. But we are in the fourth month of the war and we are at 50,000 dead, at this point it seems to me that the farther we go, the more weapons we send and the longer the time of the war, the more difficult it will be to bring the two sides in the conflict back to dialogue ” .

And regarding his visit to Russia, he explains the reason for the individual intervention that caused so much discussion: “I’m trying to do it with my relations, with international relations, from Russia to China, from the United States to Turkey, because if there are two arguing you have to force them to sit around a table, then they will decide”.

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