“Life of Vivian Maier” by Anne Marks: the review by Serena Dandini

"Life of Vivian Maier" by Anne Marks: the review by Serena Dandini
Serena Dandini

Serena Dandini (photo by Gianmarco Chieregato).

C.as we know women participated in the story of humanity in all fields from art to literature to science but they often remained invisibleare not mentioned in school books, nor do they have statues and busts to celebrate them and very few streets have been named to remember them.

The cities are full of Via Cavour or Viale Mazzini but only peripheral alleys are registered to the heroines of the Risorgimento.

In recent years a great wave of writers has taken the trouble to restore light to artists, scientists and thinkers who had remained in the shadows to rebalance that family tree which was missing several important branches and we begin to have a more balanced picture of ours. roots, in Italy as well as all over the world.

But there are those who stubbornly wanted to remain in the shadows, hiding their talent for life. The most striking case of this self-exclusion is certainly that of the great Franco-American photographer Vivian Maier: his photographic rolls loaded with extraordinary images that document the American population in the 1950s with an original and poetic gaze, remained closed for decades in a crate, forgotten in a cellar, and only after his death discovered by chance on the counter of a second-hand dealer from a collector who has finally returned his great talent to the world.

Today Vivian Maier is celebrated by international exhibitions and recognized as one of the most important photographers like Henry Cartier Bresson, but during his difficult and secluded life he had never shown his work to anyone.

“Life of Vivian Maier. The Unknown Story of a Free Woman ”by Anne Marks (Utet).

To tell us about this incredible existence today is the book of Anne Marks Life of Vivian Maier. The unknown story of a free womanpublished by Utet and accompanied by photos and unpublished documents.

Through a meticulous research, the author tells us about the existence of this original and reserved woman who while working as a babysitter and housekeeper, she cultivated a passion for photography by documenting the life of American cities: his portraits of ordinary people caught in everyday life are small paintings and give us the flavor of an era with incredible strength.

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Thanks to this precious book we can reconstruct the intimate history of the artist together with his works, and tiptoe into what is now rightly considered a legend.

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