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“Interceptor”, Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth together in the Netflix movie – iO Donna

T.was the news of Netflix of the month of June, there is also Interceptor, film directed by Matthew Reilly. In the cast, the Spanish Elsa Pataky plays the role of hero, a modern heroine willing to die to save the United States from a missile attack. He also appears in the film husband Chris Hemsworthbut in a marginal role, so as not to steal the show from his better half.

Chris Hemsworth, the children's sweet surprise on his birthday

Chris Hemsworth, the children's sweet surprise on his birthday

Interceptorthe plot of the movie

Elsa Pataky is JJ Collins, a US Army officer on a mission to a missile base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When the base comes under attack, she finds herself alone fighting against a commando bent on destroying the United States. The subversive team is led by Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey)a former secret service agent.

Its goal is launch nuclear weapons on sixteen of the largest cities in the country. Collins will do everything to defend the base, relying on his own self defense techniques and on military tactics, learned through years of hard training. In a race against time, she will have to try to save the nation, herself and her fathermeanwhile taken hostage by Kessel’s accomplices.

Wounded and almost exhausted, she carries out her plan, but the White House tells her she has only a 14 percent chance of success. Between knives, gunshots and hand-to-hand combat, the past comes to the surface. Before taking up the post of captain in the missile base, he worked at the Pentagonbut was kicked out after filing a complaint harassment suffered by his superior.

Review and cast of Reilly’s film

Interceptor is an action movie reminiscent of disaster movies, so dear to American cinema. Despite the cast of recallthe viewer can sometimes feel sucked into a film by Jackie Chan. L’setting limited to a single room for over an hour and a half, then, it can promote the boredom effect.

To appreciate the intent of the screenwriters – Reilly himself together with Stuart Beattie – to assign the task of saving the world to two women: JJ Collins and US President Wallace (Zoe Carides). Unfortunately i dialogues of the film they are often predictable and the attempt to advance the feminist cause with a reflection on #MeToo is weak.

Elsa Pataky,

Elsa Pataky in the movie “Interceptor”. (Courtesy press office Netflix)

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth, a stainless couple

Rounding out the cast are Aaron Glenane (Beaver Baker), Mayen Mehta (Rahul Shah), Rhys Muldoon (Clark Marshall), Belinda Jombwe (Ensign Washington), Marcus Johnson (General Dyson) and Colin Friels (Collins). Chris Hemsworth plays an appliance store clerk, who follows with apprehension the pivotal moments of the attack on the base, broadcast live on unified networks. Plus a cameo created ad hoc for the protagonist’s husband that a real part. The Australian actor is also among the executive producers of the film and the intention of don’t steal the show from your wife.

The couple have been married since 2010, the year they met: 45 years old, 38 years old, 38 years old, they have three children. India Roseborn on 11 May 2012, and the twins Sasha and Tristanborn on March 18, 2014.

The love at first sight had struck already at the first meeting, organized by respective agents. An indestructible union, also thanks to the constant work to preserve the love that unites them. The Spanish actress also talked about it in an interview with Sydney Morningtelling that patience and dialogue are needed “To get to know the other person, yourself and understand what you’re wrong about.”

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“No relationship is perfect”he said, the trick is to be able to “put pride aside”, make their children feel their presence, while carving out “time for the two of us as a couple”. Affirm yourself, beautiful and in love, they are one of the closest couples in Hollywood. Perhaps this is also due to the choice of don’t live in the hills of Los Angelesin favor of the quieter Australia. In fact, in 2014 they left the United States to allow their children to grow up in contact with nature. A decision they do not say they regret at all.


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