• May 28, 2023

Harry and Meghan post two new photos of Lilibet Diana – iO Donna

G.war between the Cambridge and the Sussex also with shots of puppets? While in Britain everyone is talking of the prince Louis and his funny expressions, here comes the answer from Harry and Meghan: the first two photos of their second child Lilibettaken by Misan Harriman, a photographer friend of mom and dad.

Lilibet’s party without the Cambridge cousins

Pictures – the first with the child sitting alone in a meadowwhile the second sees her in her mother’s arms and next to other guests – they were taken during her birthday party held with a picnic in the gardens of Frogmore Cottagethe British residence of the Sussexes. At the little party there were several cousins, including the children of Zara Tindall, but not the little Cambridge, engaged that afternoon in Wales on an official visit with William and Kate.

Lilibet Diana instagram harry and meghan

Lilibet Diana in the arms of mom Meghan and with her friends at her birthday party, Windsor, June 4, 2022 (@misanharriman)

Harry and Meghan, other no of Queen Elizabeth

Little Lilibet Diana turned one just last Saturday, June 4th, while she was in Windsor with her parents and brother Archie. The Sussexes hoped to be able to photograph the baby’s first meeting with the great-grandmother queen and officially spread the image on her birthday, but Elizabeth replied with a categorical no. And Harry and Meghan were forced to resort to a plan B.

Harry and Meghan, the arrival at St. Paul's Cathedral: a return from separated at home

Harry and Meghan, the arrival at St. Paul's Cathedral: a return from separated at home

Harry and Meghan and that mysterious gift that could be from grandfather Carlo

The Sussex are left earlier than expected last Sunday, without waiting for the final parade of the Jubilee and after a visit that saw them still excluded from most of the celebrations. And upon arrival at the airport in Los Angeles, a wooden swing was spotted among their many luggage, similar to the one that Carlo had given to William and Harry as children.

The memory of a relationship, the one between Harry and his father, which according to the coldness with which the Sussexes were welcomed in Londonperhaps it will never be able to return to the level of affection it once was.

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