• June 8, 2023

Golden make-up and gold make-up for brides or ceremonies, how to do it – iO Donna

Lbright, precious, sparkling: who said that golden makeup is only for Christmas evenings? The gold make up it is also ideal for brides, weddings and ceremonies, especially in summer with a tan. Here’s how to dare it.

Golden make-up and gold bridal make-up

Seemingly challenging and opulent, in reality the golden makeup it is one of the most versatile, and, if well calibrated, it is also ideal for a very bright make-up bride.

diane Kruger, kaia gerber, elsa host

Diane Kruger and Elsa Hosk in Cannes, Kaia Gerber during the Met Gala: all three chose gold makeup in three different interpretations

Some gold makeup inspiration comes from celebs on the red carpets of the latest events: intense and smoky like Diane Kruger at the last Cannes Film Festival, bright and rimmed with eyeliner like Kaia Gerber at the Met Gala, or in the rose gold variant with maxi lashes on the top Elsa Hosk in Croisette.

Golden makeup according to eye color: how to choose it

The gold trick is “democratic”: can be used at all ages and it adapts to every eye color. On the irises darker, hazelnut and black, it gives depth; at Clearer, from green to blue, an intense glow.


Also take into account the color scheme. Gentle nuances are sufficient on dark eyes clike champagne, with warm golden reflections. On the light eyes, focus instead on shades with a cold undertone like platinum and silver, more harmonious.

Golden ceremonial make-up, the tips

If it is true that gold is a passepartout, for the ceremony less is more. The most sophisticated are the subtle and delicate golden shades, typical of compact or creamy ombertti.

Face shape and make up: how to enhance yourself with the right make-up

Face shape and make up: how to enhance yourself with the right make-up

These precious eyeshadows are applied with the technique of smokye eyes, blending gold as a base and intensifying it with darker shades such as bronze or brown; or a color block, applying a single shade on both the mobile and fixed eyelids.

For the receipt you can choose instead a more sparkling and fun make-up, like thelamé effect: just apply a loose powder eyeshadow, perhaps full of rhinestones, with wet fingers instead of with the brush. The gaze is dressed in living metal.

Brightness all over the face

But gold make-up isn’t just for the eyelids. Its glows involve the whole face thanks to highlighters, blushes with iridescence and very light powders that reflect light.

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A very trendy make-up for the summer is called “Golden Hour ”and recreates on the face that golden aura that gives the warm light of the sunset time. An earth with bronze reflections, a pink gold blush and an illuminating fluid gold will be enough to recreate the look, simple but radiant. And let the bride shine with her own light.


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