• June 8, 2023

Get lost at the Darsena in the forest

A floating multisensory forest, built on the water of the Darsena di Milano, conceptually and physically conceived as an independent ecosystem where plants, insects and different species work together to provide a better environment. With installation Floating Forest, Timberland offers an interesting opportunity for reflection on the role of nature in our lives and on the importance of greening urban areas as a tool to counter the effects of climate change and improve health and environmental quality. And it also throws a seed for something more lasting and broad, as can be guessed from the words of the architect Stefano Boeri, founder together with the architect Giorgio Donà of the Stefano Boeri Interiors studio who oversaw the project. “The 610 plants, of over 30 different species, that populate the floating platform on the Darsena represent the beginning of a work we are doing to imagine a new way of living, bringing greenery to the water spaces of our cities, whether they are canals, rivers, lake or sea waterfronts. We need greenery in the places where we live », explained the architect, describing the project conceived with the US brand of outdoor style, work and lifestyle. “Conceived as a living space that hosts trees, shrubs, vines and many other varieties of greenery, the Floating Forest installation is therefore also a great praise to the theme of biodiversity“, he added. It is undoubtedly a disruptive element in the urban landscape. Conceived as an immersive experience that combines sensory and digital elements, the installation includes a journey in stages that involves all the senses through the scent of flowers and the tactile quality of the selected species, including trees such as maple and birch, shrubs such as hydrangea and pittospore and perennial herbaceous plants such as eulalia, anemone and pampas. It also aims to stimulate visitors to recover their time and space and helps them learn about the Timberland world, from its latest innovations in terms of eco-innovative products to, more generally, its commitment to a greener future. and fair. At the end of the design week, the trees will be donated to Soulfood Forestfarms Hub Italia, a non-profit organization that facilitates the ecological transition of the territories together with local communities, institutions and businesses.

Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio 20 (Dock)

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