• June 8, 2023

Francesca Barra recommends the series with her husband Claudio Santamaria: “The Hour – Ink against lead” – iO Woman

“Credo that it really is one of the best series I’ve ever seen“. Like this Claudio Santamaria presents on Instagram The Hour – Ink vs. Lead, the television miniseries of which he is the protagonist: the first episode will be broadcast tomorrow 8 June on Canale 5. To further underline the value of the productand therefore woe to not lose him, on social networks there is also his wife Francesca Barra.

Time, the new series with Claudio Santamaria

The series tells how and why it was born Timethe newspaper that told the Mafia and that for many courageous journalists it has been a training ground for ideas in which to cultivate the hope of changing the country even at the cost of one’s life.

I hope you watch it, that you do it numerous – underlines Santamaria. Never as in this moment must these issues be imposed, which are vital, urgent and necessary for a company that does not forget, precisely because it wants to improve itself. For a society animated by truth and justice with information that defends rights and freedom “.

Francesca Barra: “Watch it with your children”

I take great pride in recommending you to watch this series – explains Barra instead. Pride and perhaps even a little nostalgia if I think of that journalism that inspired me by choosing this profession and that made me choose, for many years, to deal with criminal organizations through the stories and commitment of those who lived in front row, putting one’s existence at risk for the spirit of service. A militant and denouncing journalism that tracks down truth and justice to defend democracy, freedom, our rights “.

Finally: «Look at it with the little ones. “There is no future without memory” Primo Levi used to say. Without conscience, without truth ».

The high value of the subject matter

Time it is not just any series. Francesca describes it as an “incredible series” shot “with the spirit of someone who recognizes the high value of the subject matter: remember the experience of the first courageous newspaper that used the word to counter criminal organizations: The Hour of Palermo ».

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Who has a special bond with this city, to the point of having baptized one of his daughters there and having written some books on the mafia. Nothing personal, therefore, in recommending to see this TV series starring her husband. Or maybe yes. But the journalist is keen to point out: “This time I’m also biased, it’s true. But sometimes the staff is the most sincere aspect with which to present yourself in the presence of those who trust you“.


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