• May 28, 2023

“Days of Thunder”, a Festival to remember Combed Thunder

“Days of Thunder”, scheduled from 10 to 12 June in Pisa, is the first edition of the festival that was created to commemorate the figure of the cartoonist Tuono Pettinato. Wanted and organized by the Tuono Pettinato Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pisa, it will take place in various places in the city. In these three days, in a rich calendar of events, some important initiatives are planned, including the great exhibition of original plates at the Museum of Graphics “Chatwin, Randagio by choice.

A journey into the art of Tuono Pettinato “ (which will remain open until June 19), the inauguration of the mural created by Doctor Pira, the presentation of the special issue of Hobby Comics (the magazine of the Super Friends, who will all be present for the festival), the exhibition of original drawings of ” Gli Scarabocchi di Maicol & Mirco “(winner of the National Tuono Pettinato Award and author of the festival poster), and then concerts (Marnero and Bologna Violenta), video projections, DJ sets and meetings with cartoonists: Fumettibrutti, Francesco Guarnaccia, Alice Milani, Eliana Albertini , Maurizio Lacavalla, Giovanni Timpano and many others. All appointments are free.

Lia Remorini, Andrea Paggiaro’s mother and president of the Foundation explains: “The Foundation was created with the intention of remembering the figure of Tuono Pettinato, both through the promotion of his work and through a careful look towards the spread of the culture of comics. With this in mind, it will also work to help young artists and students through scholarships and other initiatives. “Days of Thunder” is a way to remember Andrea, but without sadness or rhetoric, but with joy. This is why in the first edition we gathered his friends and all those who esteemed him or had worked with him and many accepted the invitation with enthusiasm. But with this initiative we also want to celebrate the strength and importance of comics and so we will work again for the next editions “.

Combed Thunder (Andrea Paggiaro, Pisa 1976-2021) is one of the most important figures of contemporary comics. Self-taught, after the important gymnasium in the Superamici collective (with Doctor Pira, Maicol & Mirco, Ratigher and LRNZ) he soon established himself with his witty and original style, winning prestigious awards (Satire Award of Forte dei Marmi, Gran Guinigi at Lucca Comics , Boscarato Award at the Treviso Comic Book Festival).

He defends the right to idleness, but is nevertheless very prolific: in addition to making graphic novels, he collaborates with magazines, writes screenplays, has an intense activity as an illustrator and teaches humorous comics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Disengaged and highly cultured at the same time – his stage name is stolen from Borges’ Library of Babel -, fascinated in equal measure by extreme rock, literature and cinema as by trash TV, he sports a sharp and subtle irony. Among his main works, the biographies “Garibaldi”, “Enigma. The Strange Life of Alan Turing ”(with Francesca Riccioni) and“ Nevermind ”about Kurt Cobain; the scientific dissemination of “It’s not the end of the world” (with F. Riccioni); the fiction of “Corpicino” and “Chatwin. Cat by force, stray by choice “. In memory of him, a prize was established to promote the reading of comics and, by the will of his parents, the Tuono Pettinato Foundation was born.

The places of the festival: Graphics Museum, Municipal Library, Studio Gennai, Piazza XX Settembre, Cantiere Sanbernardo, River Art Gallery, Giardino Scotto, Cineclub Arsenale, Circolo Caracol, Giardino La Nunziatina. Info: www.facebook.com/fondazionetuonopettinato

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