• May 29, 2023

Beauty queen with hijab: the first Italian miss with a veil – iO Donna

R.break the taboos on the veil: this is the aim of the competition “Queen with the Hijab. Be the example”, The first contest in Europe reserved for women with the veil.

The first Italian miss with the hijab

The event, which took place in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), has been organized since 2016 for «support veiled girls in the great challenges they are facing in European societies “as explained in the poster that invited Muslims born and raised in Italy to participate.

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“Queen with the Hijab. Be the example ”, is the first contest in Europe reserved for women with the veil. (@assiabelahadj)

The winner Mariam Eloziri

And this year the contest was won by Mariam Eloziri, 23 years old from Abbiategrasso. “Now I’m a model for my peers,” the girl said smiling as she received the award, already feeling a symbol. Among over one hundred girls competing, the jury chose her, after evaluating the school report, the curricula and the way to wear the hijab.

Erasing stereotypes about the hijab

“These young women must be an example for their peers,” explained the organizer Assia Belhadj activist for women’s rights, especially Muslim ones. “In my battles I have always worked hard to make society overcome stereotypes. I tried to be a support for young girls, because I know they are experiencing many difficulties“.

And one of these is precisely the obstacle of the veil. “It is difficult to get it accepted,” continues Belhadj. «I have suffered a lot of discrimination, even to find work. This is why I wanted to create the contest. People must go beyond what has always been said about the Muslim woman: submissive and with the veil imposed by the man ».

Eloziri: “The veil identifies me”

Mariam Eloziri, won a trip to Mecca and is enthusiastic: “The veil is what identifies me when I leave the house. It is the symbol of my origins and my religion, not an obstacle to life or an act of submission as is often believed, “she explained.

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Putting the veil for me means having faith in myself and in Allah. It makes me feel like a queen no matter what title I have won. Now I have a responsibility towards my peers, they will take me as a model to follow and I intend to improve myself to be up to this task ».


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