Bad weather on Lake Como, landslides and floods between Laglio and Nesso. Anger of the residents: “Worse than other times, who pays?”

Bad weather on Lake Como, landslides and floods between Laglio and Nesso.  Anger of the residents: "Worse than other times, who pays?"

During the night, the Como area was hit by a strong wave of bad weather, which caused mud spills, flooding of some streams and landslides along the roads of the province: the greatest inconveniences were recorded in the municipalities of The garlic And Linkwhich had already been hit hard by the floods of last summer, when a mass of debris had even covered part of Lake Como, so much so that the mayor of Laglio Roberto Pozzi said that “we need a national Marshall plan for the environment using funds from the NRP “.

Fortunately they are not injured, but the interventions of the provincial command of the Fire Brigade are still in progress. In particular, the Regina Vecchia state road and the Lariana state road are interrupted near Nesso, where a landslide occurred in the locality of Careno.


“This is the third time since last July, it was predictable. They had just finished cleaning and we’re all set again: I don’t know who will pay the damages this time.” There is anger among the residents of Laglio. “It started to rain around 2, first slowly, then getting stronger – says a man – Suddenly the road turned into a raging river and broke through everything”. The flow of mud and debris prevents access to several houses. The mud has invested and almost entirely covered the access doors of many buildings. “It’s worse than the other times – says an old woman, supported by her niece – It’s a shame: every time they come to tell us what they will do here and there, but nothing has been seen. So many words and few facts”. “It cannot be repeated for every drop of water, every time it is the same story”, a woman adds to the dose. “They reported to me various landslides and floods, concentrated exactly in the area that had already been damaged last summer – explains the mayor of Laglio, Roberto Pozzi, which in these days is in Sardinia, but is following the evolution of the situation step by step – Paradoxically, from this point of view we were lucky, in the sense that we were still in the planning phase of the interventions to be carried out by exploiting the appropriations of the government for our territories. This time at least there was no such serious damage. “


According to the mayor, however, “a national or regional project is needed that is specifically aimed at solving the problems of our area, otherwise certain situations will continue to repeat themselves indefinitely – he continues – At the moment, some citizens of Laglio find themselves for the umpteenth time. in the condition of not being able to leave the house because mud and debris have accumulated close to their homes.


In particular, in Laglio, the town on Lake Como known because the actor has his home here George Clooney, the landslide that occurred last night invaded both the Regina Vecchia state road, which is still closed to traffic, and the Regina Nuova, which is passable despite the presence of debris on the roadway. Meanwhile, the Fire Brigade also intervened in Stazzone and Garzeno to carry out plant cutting operations, as well as in Pognana and Veleso.

Bad weather in Lombardy, damage from thunderstorms and hail in Brescia. Civil Protection arrives in the Varese area

Unfortunately, the situation does not seem destined to improve in the short term: the Civil Protection has issued for today, Tuesday 7 June, a new alert for strong thunderstorms. “Possibility already from the night of local showers and thunderstorms on the reliefs and on the central-western plain, while in the afternoon the phenomena will tend to be more probable on the eastern sectors of the region – reads the note – The possibility of scattered phenomena of a nature is highlighted. downpour or thunderstorm over the whole region, which will generally be of weak or moderate intensity “. “Small hail and locally abundant rainfall” are also expected.


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