• June 5, 2023

Another round, another soap: “Another tomorrow” is the novelty of Canale 5 – iO Donna

THEthe afternoon of Channel 5 welcomed Another tomorrow, new Spanish series set between today’s Madrid and 1950s Guinea, on air from Monday to Friday at 2.45pm. The protagonists are a grandmother and a granddaughter (Carmen and Amparo), two nonconformist women determined to fight against everything and everyone for take your own destiny in hand. Because the goal, in fact, is to write another tomorrow.

Another tomorrowplot

Julia (Laura Ledesma) is a young woman career woman in today’s Madrid. The story of the series starts from the days preceding her wedding, organized in every detail by her future husband and mother. Just before getting married, learns of a family secret which causes strong repercussions on his mood.

Upset and in the grip of a thousand doubts, he decides to leave the Spanish capital to take refuge in a small village, Robledillo de la sierra. Here, in the mountains around Madrid, she will have to find the courage to build her own future, starting from herself. In the past, however, in the middle of the last century, the young Carmen (Amparo Piñero) decides to join her father in Spanish Guinea.

In Africa, far from the comforts of the metropolis, he discovers a difficult and wild place beyond imagination. Just like her granddaughter, her life takes a severe backlash and it will be faced with a difficult choice: adapt to the strict rules of the place or give space to your feelings, whatever the cost.

In “Another Tomorrow”, Laura Ledesma is Julia. (Mediaset)

The cast of a successful series

Another tomorrow – the original title is Dos Vidasaired in Spain from January 2021 to February 2022. The first season consists of 255 episodes and gained critical and public acclaim. In particular, she was elected best series of the daytime from the prestigious Rose D’Or Festival.

In the castin addition to the protagonists, they also appear the actors Borè Buika, Áida de la Cruz, Iago García and Manuel Regueiroall faces known to the Italian public. Borè Buika – which here interprets Mabale – starred in the record soap opera The secret, in which he gave life to Terence Wilder for 150 episodes. In the Netflix series Eliteinstead, he wears the role of Sebastián Abaga.

Also Áida de la Cruz (Elena Prieto) is a historical face of The secretin which he played for five years Mendizába candleL. The same goes for Manuel Regueirothe unforgettable Ignazio Solozabal, who now wears the role of Óscar Infante.

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Amparo Piñero in

Actress Amparo Piñero. (Mediaset)

Iago García, winner of Dancing with the stars 2016

He also appears among the former actors of the Hispanic soap opera Iago Garcíawho in the soap opera lent the face to Elm Mesía. The Italian public, however, also remembers him for subsequent experiences, that is A lifein which Justo Núñez was, and Don’t tell my bossthe Rai 1 series with Vanessa Incontrada and Lino Guanciale, in which he played Diego Venturi. Finally, in 2016 he participated in dancing with the Starsobtaining the title of winner. In Another tomorrow is Ventura Vélez de Guevara.


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