• May 28, 2023

Amadeus: “I bring 40 years of music to the Verona Arena. Sanremo? Already at work”

Last year was a success, this year we do an encore by adding a fundamental decade for music: the 90s. Amadeus will present Arena – 60s 70s 80s and 90s on 12, 13 and 14 September in Verona; the show will then be broadcast on 17, 24 September and 1 October on Rai 1.

“It opens the season,” says the director of Prime time Stefano Coletta, “With Amadeus entertainment returns to Saturdays. We experienced culture on Saturday evening, now we need to follow suit in a competitive way and bring the variety to Rai 1.L in collaboration with the Arena is a source of pride for us. The mission of the public service is to be an active part of a scenario that not everyone can experience, there is the problem of poverty. But it’s nice to bring a show like this to everyone, in homes “.

Made by Arcobaleno Tre, this show makes different generations dance without nostalgia: “Last year” explains the producer Niccolò Presta, 29 years old “it was nice to see that entire families were commenting on social networks”. “This great event that returns does nothing but underline the centrality of musical entertainment in Rai’s prime time”, explains the deputy director of Rai 1 Claudio Fasulo“Will be three evenings full of color, the centrality of the Arena as a venue for events is confirmed, we are veterans of the Mameli anthem with Gianni Morandi and from the evening dedicated to Lucio Dalla. We feel good at the Arena, together with the Ariston Theater in Sanremo it has become the ideal place for music on television ”.

The three evenings have already sold more than 17,000 tickets, almost a hundred days before the event. Already at work on the Sanremo Festival (“This year the songs are coming sooner”), Amadeus, who conceived the Arena project, thanks everyone, starting with the mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina “Because ideas can come but without the working group – Gianmarco Mazzi, Lendmy friend dj Massimo Alberti and all of Rai – are not realized. The beauty is to be able to make a compilation with all the performers and the original songs. In the end we will have almost 50 artists. Frankie goes to Hollywood they will sing The power of love And Relax; Paul Young with Every time you go away And Love of the common people, Gloria Gaynor (I’ll surivive And Can’t take my eyes off you) Bonnie Tyler (Total eclipse of the heart). We are happy to host Ornella Vanoni who will sing The appointment, One more reason and other successes then Rita Pavone The brick’s dance, Gianluca Grignani with his successes Paradise destination, Half hawk And My story between my fingers. They Aqua with Barbie girl, Richard Sanderson with Reality soundtrack of the Apple time “.

It is young people who revive the old successes that they discover also thanks to the TV series: Running up that hill from Kate Bush thanks to the inclusion in Stranger things first on the iTunes platform, would you like to host it? “Music when it remains iconic is glued to us,” says Amadeus, “these songs are glued to us, just dust them off. Stranger things it’s a very strong series, it’s clear that a song comes back, it’s not that it wasn’t beautiful at the time, but it continues to be beautiful and today’s kids notice it. Today a song can become an overnight success. We do not pretend to get the pieces back in the standings, but to make it clear that they remain strong. To have Kate Bush guest is a dream “.

Imagine the full capacity Arena and also the Ariston? “Last year with six thousand people was already great, this year will be a great party”, says the conductor, “for Sanremo we learned not to make a forecast many months earlier. I hope that in 2023 the Ariston is as we saw it in February 2020, before everything happened. But I’m almost afraid to have a certainty, we will know in October or November if we are all without a mask but we have to cross our fingers hoping that some variant will not emerge “. Dream about bringing on stage Mina (“It would be beautiful but it’s really a dream”), meanwhile, for the evenings of the covers, the artists of the chosen songs could arrive. “The regulation will come out on Monday, the artists have the opportunity to be accompanied, if they want the original singer of the song, that’s fine”, continues Amadeus, “I like to think that browsing through 40 years of music there is only the embarrassment of choice. It was nice to listen Elisa who sang Flashdancethat evening in Sanremo was so much appreciated by the public because it was a party night ”.

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