Yamaha surprise, the Ovetto becomes electric. The new Neo’s at the Venice boat show

Yamaha surprise, the Ovetto becomes electric.  The new Neo's at the Venice boat show

VENICE – From the time machine, straight from the Nineties, comes the Neo’s in an electric version. Nostalgic and Gen Z stay tuned, the scooter landed in Italy, directly at the Venice Arsenal, on the occasion of the Boat Show to make itself known and at the same time Yamaha presented the range of zero impact vehicles, of the Switch On program. Andrea Colombi, Country Manager Yahama during the presentation states: “We are pioneers in experimenting with innovation at the service of individual mobility and passion”.

Design and double battery if necessary

The maker of the Tre Diapason has chosen to keep the shapes of the fifty, also known as the Ovetto. Thus, twenty-five years later, the electrified version of Neo’s is an avant-garde stylistic exercise, while maintaining the lines that made it famous.

In particular, the front headlight is LED, the rear one is suspended, both are incorporated in a body with a slim profile and a flat footboard. The wheels are 13 ”, the front brake is a 200 mm disc and a drum at the rear.

Neo’s has the keyless function, its cockpit is positioned in the center of the handlebar, it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to the dedicated Yamaha MyRide App. The compartment under the saddle is 27 liters and can accommodate a helmet.

On the scale the vehicle weighs 90 kg to this let’s add another 8 of lithium-ion battery and a second spare, for a total of 106 kg, the latter has a separate cost of about 1,000 euros. With a single 1 kWh accumulator, the vehicle is able to travel 37 km and to save energy you can choose the Eco mode, this in addition to preserving the battery, decreases performance. About the charging times, for a full one it takes eight hours while being plugged into the domestic socket, but there is also the possibility of being able to extract the package and recharge it separately.

The brushless engine is housed in the direct drive rear wheel of 2.5 kW and 136 Nm of torque, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50 km / h in Standard mode and 35 km / h in Eco.

During the test, we tested the scooter equipped with both batteries and traveled the straight line, which connects the Venice-Lido “Giovanni Nicelli” airport, to the coast. Then, faced a road where the only obstacle, apart from the windy day that at times gave the vehicle some oscillations, were some roundabouts.

At the wheel, Neo’s is easy to handle and has a rapid restart capacity after the stop phase, therefore with a linear and fluid delivery without delays in the throttle response. Thanks to its low center of gravity, the weight distribution is well calibrated and the seat allows the pilot to touch with both feet on the ground.

Costs and availability

Starting this month, Neo’s is available on the market at a cost of 3,199 euros ex-dealer with one battery, to which we must add a further 1,000 euros for the second. In palette, you can choose the colors: Milky White or Midnight Black.

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