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What will tomorrow be for today’s young people? Certainly the members of Generation Z have very specific ideas on the “To do list” that our political forces should prioritize. So all that remains is to present them to those directly involved. To answer the call today is Matteo Salvini, Secretary of the League and Senator, who will speak live on June 7 at 2:00 pm on Skuola.net and on our social channels.

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You can follow the direct And ask your questions to Matteo Salvini by sending them through the appropriate form on the Skuola.n website

et, but also on our official profiles on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

FuZure: political leaders confronted on the political agenda of the GenZ. What are we going to talk about?

After hosting Giuseppe Conte, President of the 5 Star Movement, our journey through the orientations of the main political forces continues listening to another party leader as Matteo Salvini. To follow, in the coming weeks, other leading figures of our policy will participate, who have already received our invitation. To allow as many young people as possible to get an idea of ​​what they have in the pipeline on the most important issues concerning the new generations.

The appointment is part of an initiative launched by Skuola.net in partnership with Track F – the community hub of Half dedicated to the development of digital skills in Italy – with the aim of helping young people to get ready for upcoming political elections, an important occasion in which to exercise one’s constitutional rights. In fact, there is about a year left before the natural end of this legislature and therefore, in a short time, the neo-adults will be called to the polls to decide in whom to place their trust.

What Generation Z expects from politics emerges very openly from what nearly 40,000 teenagers who participated in the online consultations that are the basis of the book have expressed “Who I am? The. The others. The others”, Answering the questions posed on Skuola.net by the authors Daniele Grassucci and Federico Taddia. In the chapter dedicated to Revolutionssome priorities are described, such as schoolL’environmentthe work ei rights. But also precise indications that could easily be part of a political program: just read the thoughts that are reported in the next lines.

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If the ideas of young people are clear, certainly it is important to obtain the same clarity from the leading exponents of the main political forces. And this is what “FuZure: political leaders in comparison on the political agenda of the GenZ” proposes with the series of Live live in recent weeks. Which also accompany the resumption of activities in Binario F: in these days its physical spaces reopen with exclusive training activities, events and much more.

How to follow the live broadcast and interact with Matteo Salvini

To represent the students’ requests in this comparison will be Daniele Grassuccidirector and co-founder of Skuola.net, together with Gianluca Daluiso, journalist and writer. As ambassadors they will not only report the suggestions previously collected by the site community, but also some of the questions that will come live.

We remind you that it is possible to follow and comment on the Live on the following channels:

  • Skuola.net, on the whole site or on the Skuola TV page;
  • Facebook, on the official Skuola.net profile
  • YouTube, on the official Skuola.net channel
  • Twitch, on the official Skuola.net channel
  • The whole starting at 2:00 pm on June 7, 2022. Do not miss!

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