• June 8, 2023

Tonight on Rai 1 “A casa tutti bene”, a 2018 film by Gabriele Muccino – IO Donna

S.keyboard on Rai 1 – 9.15 pm – the film that reopened the doors of the success in Italy to Gabriele Muccino after his experience in America, At home everyone is fine. A 2018 film that brought him luck both in the cinema and on TV. Yes, because from that experience, from the story of that family in which feelings, resentments, anxieties, jealousies and disturbances collide, the homonymous Sky series was born with a renewed cast.

Everyone at home is fine: characters

Reunion and family conflict is at the center of the film. The occasion for the reunion are the 50 years of marriage Pietro’s (Ivano Marescotti) and Alba (Stefania Sandrelli) on the island of Ischia, where they have lived for years. To celebrate them come children, grandchildren, closest relatives and in-laws. There is Paul (Stefano Accorsi), the crazed splinter of the family, the writer who had not returned to Italy for years. The brothers Carlo (Pierfrancesco Favino), together with his wife Geneva (Carolina Crescentini), very jealous of Elettra (Valeria Solarino), her husband’s ex, also invited to the ceremony.

Then his sister points out Will be (Sabrina Impacciatore), the one who holds the reins of the whole family a little, but it is the relationship with her husband Diego (Giampaolo Morelli) who is derailing: she does not want to admit to herself that there is something wrong. Peter also invited his sister Maria (Sandra Milo) who lands in Ischia with his two sons: the eccentric Riccardino (Gianmarco Tognazzi) accompanied by Luana (Giulia Michelini), pregnant, and Sandro (Massimo Ghini), Alzheimer’s patient, married to Beatrice (Claudia Gerini). There is also the niece Isabella (Elena Cucci) always in love with Paolo. A liaison will take place between the two.

at home all well rai 1

The cast of the film “At home all well”.

At home everyone is fine and family dynamics

The group will be forced to stay on the island due to bad weather. And it is precisely during those hours of stay that something unexpected will happen: each will have to deal with himself, with their own ghosts, broken dreams, second thoughts and their own frailties. Muccino tells the dynamics and feelings that inhabit human beings and the choices that could change their destinies.

At home everyone is fine tells about one dysfunctional family that is not that different from ordinary ones Perhaps this is why the film, and then the series, had and continues to be successful, because the viewer is reflected in the characters.

at home all well rai 1

Stefano Accorsi and Piefrancesco Favino.

The second season of the tv series. Start shooting

From the success of the film, the homonymous one was born series directed by Muccino himself, fresh from the victory of Silver Ribbon. The family dynamics repeat themselves, indeed they multiply. The cast changes completely e let’s get to know the protagonists and the new entries more closely. We see them interacting in Rome in the restaurant founded by the head of the family Peter (Francesco Acquaroli).

The big news of the Sky series is the noir vein and the presence of the racket: Riccardino’s gambling debts they get heavier and heavier and the family is increasingly in disarray. What will happen to the Ristuccias again?

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We will find out in the second season: in fact, shooting in Rome began today. “The family begins to drop the masks and many characters will reveal their nature – said Muccino – we will see their evolution and there will be two new entries“.


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