• May 28, 2023

The costume fitting? You win with well-being

D.two thousand professional operators, 400 companies, 500 presenters from all over the world and 1500 hours of lessons: these are the numbers of Rimini Wellness which has just ended. The themes were the most disparate: from fitness in the strict sense to pilates, passing through combat sports, yoga and healthy nutrition.

Remise en forme according to Rimini Wellness

With summer just around the corner particular attention could not fail to be paid to trends to get back in shape and face the costume test in the best possible way. A challenge for the body that is also won with inner well-being.

1. Digital Nordic Walking

After the difficult years of the pandemic and the forced confinement in the home, many gyms have equipped themselves to return to normality, without neglecting the now indispensable factor of sociability. It is with this spirit that Digital Nordic Walking was born, proposed by Rimini Wellness: a workout suitable for all ages, combining Nordic walkinginspired by cross-country skiing, the technology of the Gabel e-poles, the sensorized sticks able to monitor the activities and parameters of the upper limbs. Nordic walking improves posture, heart rate and blood pressure, but is also helpful in toning the muscles. The activity also takes place outdoors, and this greatly promotes stress reduction.

Couple fitness: make him your

Couple fitness: make him your

2. Cross Cardio Mobility

A discipline proposed by Rimini Wellness which combines Cross Cardio cardiovascular training with improved mobility, thanks to a type of training called the Mobility System. It is a series of exercises to be performed in free body standing, in quadrupedal position or in the supine and prone position, which aim to improve the ability of the body to move in space. You will get a better awareness of your body, working on posture and motor coordination, with a consequent increase in joint flexibility. The benefits are one reduction of muscle tension, prevention and limitation of trauma to the musculoskeletal systemin addition of course to an improvement in blood circulation.

3. Bodyweight Flow

There is no tool for this exercise proposed by Rimini Wellness which is based exclusively on free body movements, using body weight to counteract the force of gravity. Promotes balance, strength, endurance, agility, elasticity, speed, flexibility and coordination. A practice really suitable for everyone, but especially for those who are not used to doing a lot of physical activity or are just approaching it. In short, a few efforts for a lot of energy.

4. Yoga Therapy

Do not think that yoga is just the assumption of very strange positions. Yoga Therapy proposed by Rimini Wellness is a therapeutic branch of yoga that it takes care of the individual through an integral approach, aimed at managing stress and the most common ailments of daily life, from the classic back pain and migraine, up to stomach pain, neck pain … and the effects caused by the so-called Long Covid. How? Helping to find a self-regulation of the organism thanks to exercises of meditation, breathing (pranayama) and movements of the limbs to generate positive energy.

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5. Cryo dynamic massage

Relaxation is the watchword for the last of the practices suggested by Rimini Wellness to get back into shape. The cryo dynamic massage is an innovative technique that treats pain, muscle fatigue but also small skin imperfections. Through a cold sphere, called Cryoball, various movements are performed aimed at promoting vasodilation and an anesthetic effect. Furthermore, it allows, in cases of injury, to deeply cool the muscles during an acute phase of injury or after an effort.

Five good methods that are truly suitable for everyone to start taking care of us right away

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