• June 8, 2023

The 10 best-selling plug-in hybrids in Italy

ROME – The desire for hybrid is growing, in particular for the cars commonly indicated with the initials PHEV. What does it mean? In full it means Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, and indicates rechargeable hybrids also with plug. This type of car can travel in fully electric mode for tens of kilometers. Having made these necessary clarifications, let’s see the top 10 of the most sold in Italy in the month of May.

1. Jeep Compass: 1982 units

4.40 meters long and 1.82 wide, with a trunk ranging from a minimum of 430 up to 1251 liters, the Jeep Compass uses a 1332-liter petrol engine and an electric motor, for a total power that it ranges from 190 to 240 Horsepower. Prices start at 45.850 and go up to 52.100 euros.

2. Jeep Renegade: 725 units

In second place another Jeep, the Renegade, whose length is 4.24 meters by 1.81 in width. Also in this case the system uses two engines, one petrol 1332 cc and one electric, for a total power in this case too ranging from 190 to 240 HP. Prices are obviously lower than the older sister: it starts from 39,500 euros to reach a maximum of 44,000.

3. Bmw X1: 593 units

Third step of the podium for the BMW X1, whose dimensions are 4.45 meters long by 1.82 wide, with a trunk ranging from 450 to 1550 liters with seats folded down. The Sav of the Monaco house is equipped with two engines, one petrol 1499 cc by and one electric, whose total power is 220 HP. Prices start at 49,750 and reach 55,760 euros.

4. Lynk & Co 01 .: 403 units

Fourth place for the model 01 of Lynk & Co, a Chinese-Swedish car manufacturer owned by the Zhejiang Geely Holding group, a Volvo joint venture founded in 2016. The car has a 1477 cc petrol engine and an electric motor, for a total power of 220 hp. Single price of 40,700 euros.

5. Cupra Formentor: 390 units

Also for the Formentor the parent company has provided a 1395 cc petrol engine combined with an electric one, for a total power ranging from 204 to 240 HP. The car is 4.45 meters long and 1.85 meters wide, with a trunk ranging from 435 to 420 liters. The prices instead started from 40,000 and reached 47,500 euros.

6. Renault Captur: 196 units

The French proposal on the PHEV theme bears the name of Captur, whose Plug.In Hybrid versions use two engines, one petrol of 1598 cc and one electric, for a total power of 159 HP. 4 meters long and 23 cm long and 1.80 wide, the Captur offers a trunk volume ranging from 536 liters and up to 1275 with the seats down. Prices range from 34,000 to 35,500 euros.

7. Mercedes GLE: 176 units

Seventh place for Mercedes, even if here we are on a completely different planet from all points of view. First of all, the GLE uses a 1950 cc diesel engine combined with an electric motor, whose total power reaches 320 hp. The dimensions also grow, 4.95 in length by 1.95 in width with a trunk that can reach 2055 liters. The PHEV proposal is foreseen for both the sedan and the coupe, with prices ranging from 85,470 to 117,460 euros.

8. Volvo XC40: 174 units

Volvo also participates in the top ten of the best-selling PHEV cars in Italy. In the ranking there is the XC40, a car equipped with a 1477 cc petrol engine combined with an electric one for a total power ranging from 211 to 262 hp. The XC40 is 4.44 meters long and 1.86 wide and offers a generous 452-liter boot that becomes 1328. Prices start at a minimum of € 48,050 and go up to 56,300.

9. Bmw X3: 172 units

Less fortunate than the X1 that sits on the third step of the podium in this ranking, the X3 also seems to have received its approval in May. Proposed with a 1998 CC petrol engine combined with the electric motor, for a power of 292 HP, the X3 is also generous in size: 4.63 meters long by 1.88 wide, with a 450-liter boot that becomes 1550 Prices are from BMW: from 66,700 to 70,500 euros.

10. Ford Kuga: 159 units

Tenth place for the Ford Kuga, which combines the electric motor with a 2488 displacement petrol engine. The power available is 225 hp, while length and width are respectively 4.63 by 1.88 meters, with 405 liters of luggage space to offer to passengers, 1481 with seats down. Prices range from 41,600 to 47,350 euros.

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