Summer in Croatia: what to do on a vacation |

Summer in Croatia: what to do on a vacation |

S.are you still undecided on the destination of your next summer holidays? Point your compass towards the Adriatic paradise and get ready for an unforgettable experience

You want to pack your bags and leave. You dream of a sea view holiday, also rich in history, traditions and new discoveries. If these are your wishes, the place to make them come true is there Croatia.

A myriad of islands that decorate the Adriatic coast. Right in front of Italy, a concentrate of perfectly preserved natural beauties. And then, local traditions and many outdoor activities to experience. With great attention to safety, made even more rigid by the experience gained during the pandemic.

Are you ready to organize your next unforgettable vacation?

Croatia: marvel of the Adriatic

Whether you are traveling with your family, practicing naturism or wanting to live an experience in contact with nature, Croatia has the answer for every desire and attitude.

97.96% of the 884 beaches tested are suitable for bathing. You can choose between the towns of Banje to Dubrovnikwhere to practice sports by the sea.

Or, experience a magical night a Zrće, on the island of Pag, where parties have two rules: feet in the sand and lots of good music at any time. There are also oases of peace, such as those on the islands of Korčula And Lastovo.

Brac_Bol_photo-Aleksandar Gospic

If, on the other hand, you don’t like sand, spread your towel out on the pebble beach of Brela.

The many islands to explore are dedicated to adventurers. Among these, there is Hvarfull of monuments, ruins, small churches, colorful fortresses, exotic flowers and lush greenery.

Some of these beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. An example of this is those ofisland of Brač, made up of fine white gravel. The best points? The sandy beach of Sakarun on Isola Lunga or on the Paradise beach in Lopar, on the island of Rab. All that remains is to choose your own piece of heaven and go there!

Croatia by boat

Another of the magic that Croatia is able to offer is to transform the tourist into a traveler. Just a boat, a good crew and the desire to explore the enchanting archipelagos nestled in the Adriatic Sea.

Along the Croatian coast, 6,278 kilometers long, there are 1,244 between islands, islets, rocks and cliffs. Three addresses to mark on the map: Brijuni, Kornati and the Krka National Park. Easily accessible by boat, they are also the ideal destination for those who want to eat and drink like the locals. The best time to sail? Late spring and early autumn, when the sea is calm and the winds are more favorable.

Immersed in a unique nature

If the sea bores you, Croatia is also the undisputed kingdom of lovers of outdoor activities. Visit its natural and national parks, immersed in oak forests, surrounded by mountains: an enchantment for the eyes and the mind.

Cetina (cr. Ivo Biocina)

Mark another important stage on the map: i Plitvice lakes. I am the only one natural environment recognized by Unesco.

Plitvice_photo-Goran Safarek

With its 16 small lakes, connected to each other by waterfalls, the national park also includes the area of sources of the river Korana, all surrounded by dense forests of beech, fir and juniper. Here, the brown bear reigns, an animal species that the park protects. You can visit the area thanks to very quiet electric boats or special trains.

Beyond the sea: outdoor holidays

In Croatia there is also something for lovers of walking and active holidays, for those who want to try the bungee jumpinggo canoeing or kayaking on the river Kupaor on horseback in Slavonia, Istria and Dalmatia.

Krupa_photo-Zoran Jelaca

You can go rafting on wild waters or explore one of the many caves shaped by the incessant action of the waters. And if you dream of flying, try it zipline from Tučepi, also suitable for the little ones. Or let yourself be enchanted by the Canyon of the Korana River, on the Plitvice Lakes. And if it is the first time, do not worry: highly trained instructors are at your disposal to make you live this experience in total safety.

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